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Designated driver services, chauffeur services

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TrustDALE Review: SafeRide America


SafeRide America has been in operation for over a decade, offering the first designated driver services in the industry.  It is a proven and affordable solution to impaired driving accidents.  A team of two drivers will pick you up and take you home, with one driver operating your car and another driver following behind.  They also offer chauffeur services for large and small parties. Whether you want to schedule a ride home, or you need a ride on-demand, SafeRide America will be your designated driver.


It starts with a mission: SafeRide America is a not-for profit service that exists to eliminate the reasons people drive impaired: They don't want to leave their car, and don't have the money to their car home. By offering to drive you AND your car for you, (for about the same price as a taxi), you get home safe with no worries. PLUS, SafeRIde's no questions asked

"pay us later" policy eliminates any reason not to call Safe Ride. If you don't have the full amount, you can pay them later!


Ten years of providing proven results is SafeRide's best calling card! Here's how it works: Their team works in "two's." One team member drives you in your car, while the second team member follows. You can also rent a professional chauffeur by the hour, or a "team" of SafeRide drivers for your party! SafeRide is your reliable, dependable and trustworthy get-home-safe solution!


SafeRide's complete end to end transportation management system brings SafeRide up to a whole new level of customer performance. When you see corporate sponsors like Anheuser-Busch, you know this service is top-notch. This is why SafeRide has earned TrustDale Certification.


Products & Services: Designated driver services, chauffeur services