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With TrustDALE, you are in control with four easy steps! First, make sure your zip code is correct at the top of the home page. Second, type the category in the search window and TrustDALE certified companies that service your area will appear in the listings. Third, be sure to watch Dale’s videos about those companies. Finally,  you contact the company of your choice. With TrustDALE you won’t get all those phone calls like you do with some other sites. We don’t collect your personal information,and we don’t sell your personal information to anyone! Now you can buy products and services with confidence because TrustDALE has certified these companies.

It's our Anniversary!

After 25 years  as an investigative reporter, Dale became tired of telling retroactive stories of people who’d been harmed. He decided to flip the conventional reporting model, and help people make smart decisions before they hired a company. That promoted Dale to form the consumer research and referral website “We serve two purposes,” Dale states. “We protect consumers by connecting them with good honest companies and we expose dishonest companies that intentionally harm consumers.”

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The Benefits of a New Front Door
There are many benefits of a new front door. From security to insulation to aesthetics, a new front door is a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your home.
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The TrustDALE Guarantee

Most reputable companies offer guarantees, but guess who's in charge if something goes wrong? Every TrustDALE recommend service has agreed – in writing – to place Dale in charge of Making It Right. That's not just confidence in their ability to deliver excellence, but great peace of mind for you!

Dale's New Book:
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