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Outdoor hidden dog fences, indoor hidden boundaries, remote training collars, trade-in program, free estimate

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TrustDALE Review: DogWatch Hidden Fences


DogWatch has been making Hidden Dog Fence Systems since 1990.  They are a privately held company dedicated to honesty, integrity & service. All DogWatch products are designed, assembled & tested at their corporate facility in Massachusetts – their base of operations for the past 25 years. They also manufacture Indoor Pet Fences and Training Products. It’s what they do – It’s ALL they do! DogWatch takes pride in doing it well. Their commitment to product quality and customer service is uncompromising.


Don't be fooled by cheap so-called "invisible" containment systems. The initial payment might be a bit lower, BUT you'll pay through the nose every three months when you have to replace the battery; and guess what? You have to buy their battery! That's NOT the case with DogWatch Hidden Fence. Their battery lasts two years - or eight times longer than the competition! Want to know the mark of a company that's confident in its product? They post the real differences HERE.


DogWatch Hidden Fence is safe in every manner possible. Most people think hidden pet containment works with electricity. It doesn't! DogWatch Hidden Fence is not electrical; it works with a buried wire- activated via a reliable and local radio signal. DogWatch Hidden Fence is 100% effective, with a lifetime equipment warranty. There is not a competitor that puts as much effort in pleasing its customer, from initial consultation to installation to unmatched service after the sale as DogWatch does.


There's no comparison, DogWatch Hidden Fence doesn't rest on its laurels of being the most cost effective, safe and reliable system. Their team of professionals guarantees a 100% success rate in keeping your dogs safe in your yard. That includes no limit on free of charge follow up visits to make certain that regardless of temperament, your dog can and will be contained by DogWatch. What's more, you have the TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee!


Products & Services: Outdoor hidden dog fences, indoor hidden boundaries, remote training collars, trade-in program, free estimate