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Indoor air quality testing for bacteria, gas, mold, pesticides, asbestos, and other particulates; remediation plans for eliminating air quality contaminates

TrustDALE Review: Air Allergen and Mold Testing


If you’re concerned about the air quality of your home or office, Air Allergen & Mold Testing has inspected and written remediation plans for thousands of homes and businesses in the S.E. United States over the past ten years.  Testing includes various particulates, bacteria, chemicals, mold and asbestos.  Poor air quality can be a serious health risk.  Contact Air Allergen and Mold Testing specialists today to test your home or office for your peace of mind.


There are two levels of air quality testing service. The first is the inspection. The second is a remediation plan. Because lab fees vary depending on what samples are taken, the fees are broken into two portions. The first is for the trip to your home, inspection, gathering of samples, and preparing a report. The second is for lab fees. Residential trip/inspection fees are typically $167 to $187. Commercial trip/inspection fees are typically $250 to $350. Lab fees vary depending on what is being sampled. Typical samples for mold and other particulates are $49 to $69 per sample.


Air Allergen & Mold Testing can usually do an inspection within one to two days.  Turnaround time is from 48 hours up to seven to ten days depending on the type of particulates being tested. Phone consultation is available without cost.  TrustDale’s review finds Air Allergen & Mold Testing is a qualified and participating partner in the country’s leading certification organizations.


Your phone call is answered by a real person who listens to your needs and explains the service alternatives.  Typically, you can expect service within one to two days of your call.  Reports are normally available within one to two weeks.  Air Allergen & Mold Testing manages your expectations up front, and as always, your experience is double protected through your TrustDale Make It Right Guarantee.

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