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TrustDALE Solves the Mystery of the Missing Mink


Winfred Alexander was beloved and admired by her friends and family. Her daughter Rosalind called her, “the first African American princess because [her mother] always ended up getting what she wanted.” When Winnie finally got what she really wanted— a gorgeous fur coat from Macy’s—Rosalind said “she loved it.” 

After Winnie passed, Rosalind put her mother’s prized possession into the Atlanta Macy’s fur vault for safekeeping. Devotedly, Rosalind paid an annual fee to preserve it and keep it in a temperature-controlled room. But as you might do, Rosalind, every once in a while, would like to check on it and embrace it. 

Rosalind says that she loved to embrace the coat because it was “like hugging her.” 

Imagine her heartbreak when Rosalind went to visit the coat and found out that the vault no longer existed. Rosalind was incredibly anxious, upset, and completely hopeless. When she hit a wall looking for answers, she says that her “guardian angels” brought her to TrustDale. 

TrustDale’s investigative team found out that when Macy’s department stores announced a fur-free policy in 2021, Winnie’s coat was transferred to an alternative storage facility far in New Jersey. After TrustDale called, she called that storage facility requesting they ship it back to her, and they did just that. 

Here’s a TrustDale tip: If you’re not getting answers from a company, turn to someone who’s an expert on the issue. Experts can help guide you towards a solution. That’s why the TrustDALE team exists - to help people like you get the answers and results you deserve!