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Tips to Avoid Burn Injuries at Home


Jim Radcliffe, Manager, Medallion Home Inspections


Hot water burns from your home faucets andTips to Avoid Burn Injuries at Home showers are dangerous to both adults and children.  But, these injuries can be easily avoided.  On the side of virtually every water heater is a warning label that most people don’t know exists. The warning label contains surprising information about how quickly a second or third degree burn can occur on ADULT skin based on various hot water temperatures. 

The first step in avoiding these types of home injuries is to read that important label. Manufacturers recommend setting your hot water to 120 degrees. Soaps, equipment, and the water heater are designed for this ideal temperature.  With this in mind, you should test the hot water at the kitchen faucet and raise or lower the temperature. It’s as easy as using a meat thermometer and holding the probe end under the water as it is running. If the reading you get indicates that you need to raise or lower the temperature, there are instructions - again, on the side of your water heater - on how to easily do it.

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