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Simple Tips On Replacing Gutter Spikes Around Your Home


The gutter system around any modern residential home plays an important role in helping to ensure that the exterior of a house does not experience any type of water damage.  
For example, without a gutter system, a roof could ultimately become damaged by water over time.  
Gutters play another important role, which is to help to prevent water from pooling around a house or causing damage to flower beds and foliage. 

Secure Gutters In The Right Way 

That said here are some excellent tips worth remembering when it comes to replacing gutter spikes.  
Replacing the spikes that hold gutters in place is essential to ensuring that the entire gutter system performs its job as intended. For example, if gutter ducting is not secured properly to a home it will eventually sag, fail and even break away.  
This ultimately requires more extensive repairs and spending more money. It is better to secure gutters in the right way from the very beginning in order to save time, trouble and money. 

Defective Gutter Spikes And Ferrules 

One of the first steps in replacing gutter spikes around your home is to simply remove the old outdated or defective gutter spikes and ferrules.  
One great strategy for replacing spikes is to simply replace each old spike as it is removed. This makes it simple and convenient and reduces the likelihood of having a gutter separate while trying to do this type of work.  
The ferrules are the oversized spacers that secure the gutter and prevent the walls of the gutter from collapsing while each section is drilled.  

Inexpensive And Smart 

When installing new spikes it is good to carefully place new ferrules inside of the gutter in a position so they are directly behind the existing gutter’s spike hole.  
Carefully insert screws into the existing hole and through the spike hole as well as the ferrule and then finally into the fascia of the house structure. Continue with the same procedure to ultimately replace all gutter spikes around your home.  
This is an inexpensive and smart way of protecting your gutter network so that it will last for many years to come. As an added note, always wear protective clothing, goggles and other gear when doing this type of work. 

Damage Caused By Water 

Injuries and accidents occur each and every year across the country as people try to do this type of work around their home.  
Take the time to use the right tools and purchase the right replacement parts when putting in new gutter spikes.  
At the end of the day, a small investment in new gutter spikes and a little bit of hard work can go a long way in helping to protect your home from the damage caused by water that has not been properly channeled away from the house, roof or foundation. Consider these simple strategies as a way to protect your home gutter system year after year.