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Painting Tips To Boost The Life And Look Of Your House


Looking to give your house a makeover? Do you feel that the exterior paint on your house lacks a professional finish? Have your house painted to add a visual as well as a protective value to your property!

Color Scheme

The exterior of your house speaks volumes about its value. Make sure to use the right color scheme for house paint including walls, doors, shutters, gutters and trim.

Brighten Up The Front Door

If you are looking for a more affordable deal in painting your house, start off with the front door and paint it bright to jazz up the exterior look. It will work wonders to re-energize the space.

Start Small

A lot of room painting ideas may weigh down on you initially. So, it is best to start with an inspiration piece or to do a test patch, like single wall painting. See it through different lights throughout the day to decide if you want to continue with the same palette. Colors for house paint should best be chosen in natural light to avoid glare from bright light.

Choose The Right Exterior Painting Pro has researched exterior painting companies and recommends a few great companies, one of which is CertaPro Painters. An exterior paint job looks easier than it is.  You need someone with experience and success.  Any TrustDALE certified partner will have both.  In this case CertaPro Painters is the company to turn to.

Get Some Maintenance Done

If your house structure requires repairing edges, porch and window trims, CertaPro Painters can include them in your painting bid. Not only is repairing worn and missing woodwork required for a proper exterior paint job, it's a great time to get it done since the paint company can included it in the project itself.