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The Smartest Way To Manage Pests In Atlanta


Pest control (or pest management) is, by no means, a new concept. After gaining popularity initially in the early 1900’s as a way to control insects and rodents in one’s home and/or business, the pest control industry has seldom changed since.

For Atlanta residents, pests and the diseases they can potentially carry to one’s patrons or family members are certainly a concern. This is why new and innovative techniques are needed to handle the influx of illnesses (like Zika Virus and HPS) that pop up each year.


Pests and the Health Risks They Carry

Depending on the season, you’ll inevitably be plagued by pests as well as the illnesses they potentially carry.

Here’s a list of some of the most common pests you’re sure to find in Atlanta:

Bed Bugs:

It’s unfortunate, but not long ago bed bugs were seldom seen in America. Though, the percentage of bed bug cases have dramatically increased over the last decade or so.

The culprit? Typically, a bed bug infestation in your home likely doesn’t begin there. Instead, (unknowingly) you likely brought these pests back with you after a vacation or business trip.  

Bed bugs are most common in hotels (yes, even high end resorts) and hospitals, and can funnel into your luggage and clothes without you even knowing. Then, once you return home, they invade small cracks in your walls and continue to mate until you have a full-blown infestation -- which should only be treated using advanced pest management methods.

Luckily, bed bugs (albeit annoying) are not known to carry any serious diseases. Though, bites from bed bugs could be painful and sleep almost always is affected.


Rats and mice thrive in homes with an excess of garbage and waste, as well as in farm fields and orchards.

Unlike their unintimidating appearance would suggest, rodents are amongst some of the most filthy, disease-ridden pests you’re sure to come across.

Beyond destroying and chewing through your home’s wooden foundation and electrical lines, rodents also carry a myriad of deadly diseases through their urine, feces and even fur. These diseases include HPS, Hemorrhagic Fever, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis and more.


As you likely know -- with the summer coming to a close -- mosquitoes have emerged as some of the most dangerous pests that plague Americans over the last few years.

Approximately 150 different mosquito species are found in the U.S. alone, and with Zika Virus still running its course, America’s mosquito problem has become an undeniable concern.


Finding An Innovative Solution For Pest Management In Atlanta

Since 1975, Breda Pest Management has served Atlanta residents and businesses with the most dependable and affordable pest management services.

Breda Pest Management uses the latest in pest management technology to eradicate any pest in and around your home or business including mosquitoes, rats and mice, cockroaches, ants and more! Behind their top-notch services is their knowledgeable and trusted technicians, who have worked directly with Breda for years.

These technicians know everything about pests and how to control them, ensuring your pest problem is under control as well as giving you all the tools to handle pests in the future.

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