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Lowering Your Gas Bill In Atlanta


For many fiscally responsible Palmetto, Georgia natives, saving money on their energy usage is of great importance. You pay month after month, sometimes having your gas bill go up by either the ever-fluctuating open market or those pesky hidden fees.


On top of that, choosing a rate plan that is easy to understand is nearly impossible; finding a provider that is straightforward with no gimmicks, well... isn't a walk in the park either.


So where do you go from here?


Start by Lowering Your Gas Bill

Look for a service provider that keeps prices low by deregulating natural gas and gives you the option to choose your supplier.


Pursue a provider that has the option to choose monthly pricing with no contract required or a plan with fixed pricing that allows you to lock in a great rate for a fixed period of time. Whether you like to lock-in your rate or change with the market, choose a plan that will work for you.


Consider True Natural Gas in Palmetto, Georgia

From heating your home to preparing your clothes, one gas company outbeats the competition on price, quality and service alone.


Since opening its doors in 2002, True Natural Gas has been cited for providing the best customer service and has had the least customer service complaints for gas companies statewide. Not only has True Natural Gas been the number one pick for residential families, they service anyone in the state of Georgia that is on the Atlantic Gaslights Distribution lines.


There are three significant reasons why True Natural Gas is your best choice to get that low monthly bill you’re looking for:


Discloses Credit Criteria:

Up-front. There’s no searching or even wondering where your credit should match up.


Requires Good Credit:

If your credit report shows you have a respect for paying your obligations, you will be rewarded by receiving True Natural Gas’ exceptionally low monthly service charge.


Lower Service Charge:

For all customers there is a universal price of one low monthly service charge.


Get Rewards With True Natural Gas

Getting rewarded for paying your bills on time is enough to make anyone who hasn’t already, switch to using True Natural Gas. Their loyalty program is just one of the ways True Natural Gas shows their commitment of being the best local gas provider.


After 18 months of incident-free payments, True Natural Gas will take fifty cents off of your customer service charge that month and every month after that. Twelve more months later, if you’re still keeping your payments in good standing, an additional fifty cents will be taken off again. Stay long enough, your monthly service charge could be dropped to as low as $3.45 a month.


To make paying your bill even easier, True Natural Gas offers a variety of convenient bill payment options. In addition to the usual way of paying your bill by mail, True Natural Gas can accept your payment by automatic bank draft, credit card, E-check or even by phone.


Dale trusts True Natural Gas! Visit True Natural Gas on to learn more.