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LJIA Masonry


While there are plenty of new and designer building materials out there, sometimes the most traditional materials really are best. That’s certainly true when it comes to stone. One of the oldest building materials is still one of the most popular, both for looks and durability. Whether you are building an outdoor fireplace, resurfacing the exterior of your home, or just sprucing up a mailbox, LJIA Masonry is the place to go for high-quality masonry every time.

Outdoor Hardscaping

One of the most popular uses of stone masonry is outdoor hardscaping. Just like landscaping is the intentional use of greenery and vegetation to beautify your home, hardscaping is the construction of inanimate outdoor spaces. Patios, fireplaces, even outdoor kitchens are all part of your hardscaping. Hardscaping can also integrate with your landscaping, such as in a retaining wall or an artificial pond.

One of the most consistently popular hardscaping materials is stone. Its durability and classic beauty make it the perfect choice. But beware of substandard masonry and stonework. While a skilled craftsperson can build an unbeatable outdoor space, shoddy workmanship can end up ruining your garden or yard.

That’s why Dale recommends LJIA Masonry, a skilled and experienced masonry company that has been serving the Atlanta Metro Area since 2002. With hundreds of projects completed and just as many delighted customers, you know that LJIA Masonry does it right.


LJIA Masonry doesn’t just work with stone. Whether you want a classic look or something chic and modern, brickwork is an excellent way to upgrade your home. Brick patios, walkways, and driveways last for decades with almost no wear, and will always look great. If your home has brickwork that is damaged or showing its age, the skilled masons at LJIA Masonry can perform the repairs and make it look like new.

Always Ask Questions

LJIA Masonry stands behind their work, and they encourage customers to ask them about their work, their track record, and their qualifications. LJIA Masonry holds all of the necessary licenses, bonding, and insurance, as does every TrustDALE certified business. Just ask, and they’ll be happy to provide you with all of the information.

LJIA Masonry also wants you to feel comfortable using their services, which is why they are ready to provide you with real-world local examples of their work. They can even connect you with some of their hundreds of satisfied customers.

The $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee

One of the best feelings in life is knowing that you are safe. That’s the feeling you get when you work with any TrustDALE certified business. That’s because every TrustDALE certified business is backed by Dales trademark $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the services or goods you paid for and you can’t come to an agreement with the company through their usual means, you have the right to appeal to TrustDALE to make it right. Businesses we certify have already agreed to let Dale step in and make the determination of what needs to be done to make it right, and they are contractually bound to abide by that. If all else fails, you are covered up to $10,000 by TrustDALE.

So if you need exceptional masonry in the Atlanta Metro Area, you know where to turn. LJIA Masonry is TrustDALE certified, and we are proud to recommend their services.