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Is the FedEx facility in Austell, Georgia, a Black Hole?


Whether you’re dealing with FedEx, USPS, or any other postal service, there’s always the risk of losing track of your package. What do you do when your package has seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth? 

Gray reached out to us with this very question. He asked: “How can I get my packages out of the FedEx Austell, Georgia Facility - the place where packages scan in and never come out?” 

We know that FedEx’s Austell facility is known for being a black hole when it comes to packages. We’ve received lots of complaints in the past year from people whose packages went into Austell but never came out. 

Some of our customers have said: “I have eight packages at the FedEx Austell Facility… I just don’t know what to do to get the packages.” Another said: “I really hate when I order something and it’s from this location.” 

Words from yet another disgruntled customer: “…If you have a package that ends up at the Austell, GA warehouse you will more than likely never get it.” 

A FedEx spokesman blames the problem on the volume of packages, saying: “We understand our customers’ frustrations and apologize for any inconvenience as we accelerate contingencies to resolve delays caused by significant package volumes and an ongoing industry labor shortage.” 

The problem with FedEx not having enough employees and handling an increasing number of packages leads to this problem of missing and absent packages. 

Here are some tips on what to do when you think your package has been lost in the ether:

First, you can wait a little while longer for your package to be delivered.

Next, If you have already waited long enough, you can file a claim with your package carrier. We advise you to use their website because if you try to contact them by phone, you’ll be waiting a long time.