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Could you qualify for a mobile home grant?


It seems like there are government grants for almost anything these days. So one consumer, Shirely, wrote in to ask us if there were any grants for African American females who need to purchase a mobile home to put on their land. That sounds like a pretty specific grant, and while there isn’t one tailored to Shirley’s precise situation, there are some options available to help.

The USDA offers grants for home repair and improvement to homeowners who meet certain eligibility requirements. However, the biggest grant is $7,500. While that can be a big help, it certainly won’t cover a new mobile home. Another option is a government loans. Both the USDA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), offer loans for homeowners who meet their eligibility requirements.

Another possibility is to look for a bank or credit union loan. There are many types of loans that can help you build or repair structures on your property. The most important step when looking for a bank or credit union loan is to shop around. The variety of loans types can be a bit overwhelming, but just like making a large or small purchase, shopping around is the best way to find a loan with the most favorable terms. But take a step back and pause before signing anything. Always have an attorney look over any loan document before you sign. The documents can be complex and you should never sign anything without understand exactly what you are agreeing to.

One option that is underutilized is reaching out to your representatives in Congress. Most people don’t know that representatives and senators actually have teams of staffers whose job it is to help voters in their districts cut through government red tape and get the results they need. Starting with a call to your member of congress could get the ball rolling to find any government help you qualify for.