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Avoid This Asphalt Company


Sometimes you think you’ve found a great deal, but low prices can be misleading. This homeowner found that the bargain she thought she had found was a lot less than she’d bargained for.

A Great Deal on Asphalt

Asia Karns has a long driveway on her property, and over the years, the rain had eaten away at it. That was making it hard to get to and from her home. And when it rained, she was sometimes completely blocked. So she put a post on Facebook asking for suggestions for an asphalt company.

Somebody suggested Ask Asphalt, so she called them and asked a few questions. They assured her that they could solve her driveway problems. Kenny, the man she spoke to at Ask Asphalt, recommended that a milled asphalt driveway over natural gravel and assured Asia that it would work perfectly for her situation. Asia trusted Ask Asphalt and requested a bid.

Ask Asphalt’s bid was the lowest by far. It seemed like they were going to do the job at a very reasonable price, so the choice seemed easy. Asia hired Ask Asphalt and paid them $3,000. That’s when the whole thing started to crumble.

How the Asphalt Crumbles

Before long, Asia began to realize that her asphalt driveway was not all it was cracked up to be. In fact, Asia told TrustDALE that she feels like she paid money for a driveway that was worse than what she had before. That’s not the kind of service we at TrustDALE like to hear about.

Asia did a little searching and found that she was not the only one who had a bad experience with Ask Asphalt. The company had actually left a trail of unsatisfied customers, 1-star online reviews, and poor customer service. When she tried to call Ask Asphalt to ask them to deal with her driveway woes, she was shocked by the lack of customer service. Instead of being helped, she was yelled at and even cussed out.

With the new information about how poorly Ask Asphalt had treated so many customers and out $3,000 for a shoddy driveway, Asia contacted TrustDALE. That’s when we went looking into Ask Asphalt.

A Shady Company

We tracked down Ask Asphalt and decided to show up in person to see if we could learn more. Given their track record, we weren’t surprised when we received less than a warm welcome. At first, we were threatened. When we did get a chance to talk, we got excuses. But no commitment to make anything right with the customers whose money they had taken for shoddy work.

We also found out that Ask Asphalt didn’t have an active business license, another serious red flag. Unfortunately, Ask Asphalt is still in business, but we’re doing our part to let you know, and we hope that as the word gets out, their business will shape up or go under.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid getting caught like Asia did.

  • Always ask for referrals, and call them to confirm they received excellent service.
  • Ask to see a company’s current business license and insurance. If they don’t have them, steer clear.
  • Beware of bargain basement pricing. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Asia found Ask Asphalt by posting on Facebook. If you need services for your home or business, start at Our certified businesses have all been investigated to ensure they are the best in the industry in terms of service, quality, pricing, and warranties. And all TrustDALE certified businesses are covered by Dale’s $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee.