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Are Natural Gas Pass-Through Charges a Ripoff?


Unexplained fees on your gas bill are about as welcome a surprise as a thunderstorm on your beach day. But ignoring them won’t accomplish anything, either!

Scott, a speaker for all disgruntled gas customers, had this same annoying problem. He told us: 

“Dale, I think Atlanta Gas Light’s pass-through charges have been ripping people off for years. I recently transferred service and got my first bill for a 5-day meter read. I used $13 worth of natural gas, but the Atlanta gaslight’s pass-through garage was over $63. I tried to call and speak with someone, but there’s no option to talk with anyone in person. I filed a complaint with the Georgia Public Service Commission. But Dale, what’s the deal?” 

This is a great question! 

Here’s the thing: Atlanta Gas Light base charges are regulated and approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission. The fee represents the cost of delivering gas to your home, business, pipeline maintenance, and meter readings. These charges are actually the same for consumers no matter what service provider you go with, but it’s recommended to browse around for the lowest rates for your natural gas usage. 

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