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We will miss WSB's Monica...


If you haven't heard by now, WSB's Monica Pearson will anchor her final newscast July 25. Monica has been a fixture in Atlanta since 1975. Click HERE to read more from Dale regarding some of the ways Monica has made a difference to viewers in the Atlanta area.

TRUSTDale Tip of the Day: *Easy Tips to Stay Hydrated
  1. To enhance the taste slightly, if you need a little variety during the day to drink as much water as needed, add a slice or two of fresh lemon or lime. You can pre-slice the citrus and put it in a reusable container to store in a refrigerator at work to help you drink more water during the work day. A few drops of lemon or lime, plus dropping the little circles of fruit into a nice clear glass will make your water taste fresher and appear more appealing to the eye. Little tricks like this can work wonders and make a big difference. Pop a nice umbrella to your glass and you will be reminded of a tropical vacation.
  1. If you find that you need more flavor to drink water because you are so used to drinks packed with sweetness and flavor, then add half a squeezed fresh lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, or another fruit from the citrus family. This will definitely change the flavor, yet it will still be a strong base of water to meet your daily requirements. Try different combinations too, like half a fresh lemon and half a lime. Or half a grapefruit with a full tangerine. You will be surprised at what nice combinations you will be able to come up with that will be full of flavor and great for your health. After a few days, or weeks, up to 21 - 28 days of drinking water with fruit, you will find that your body will start to crave water. And you will develop an "inner knowing" of what your body is asking for, many times we mistakenly "misdiagnose" our bodies thirst cries as hungry cries.