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Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner!


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TrustDale Tip of the Day: *Planting a Deck

A deck can be a perfect location for plants -- on and around it. The advantages of deckscaping include softening the edges, adding colorful accents, organizing space, providing privacy, reducing glare, and adding shade.

Plants with a Purpose

Whether the plants are on the deck or planted adjacent to it, the introduction of a little green will help the deck blend into the garden and not appear as an object. Here are a few ways to add beauty and utility to your deck.

  • Container-grown plants provide easily manipulated color and can help blend a deck into an existing garden.
  • If your deck is high off the ground, you might consider planting some small, ornamental trees around the base so that the canopy of the plants is at eye level. This softens the edge, can add privacy, and may even cast some shade.
  • When choosing a tree, consider flower color and fall color. If the plant has fragrance, try to place it on the upwind side of the deck.