The Make-It-Right Guarantee™


Our Make It Right Guarantee™ provides the highest level of confidence you can get when making an important buying decision. Why? Most companies offer warranties, but guess who’s in charge if something goes wrong - They are. With TrustDALE, every company on our site has agreed – in writing – to put me in charge of getting you a fair resolution. Want real peace of mind? You can TrustDALE!

All TrustDALE certified businesses providing general consumer services must agree in writing to accept and abide by the following:

  1. Certified companies agree that customers have a right to extraordinary customer service.
  2. Certified companies offer warranties that are among the best available in their field.
  3. Certified companies ensure complete customer satisfaction by offering the TrustDALE Make It Right Guarantee™.
  4. The TrustDALE Make-It-Right Guarantee™ becomes valid when a customer contacts the vendor through TrustDALE, or confirms his/her purchase on within 24 hours of the transaction.
  5. The TrustDALE Make-It-Right Guarantee™ states that if the customer is dissatisfied with a product, repair or customer service, the customer will first employ the avenues of redress made available by the business’ customer service agreement. In the event that at the conclusion of the process the customer remains dissatisfied, he/she will have the right to take the grievance to TrustDALE with 90 days of original date of purchase as reflected on written agreement.
  6. The company will allow TrustDALE and if necessary, an independent expert in the field to review the customer’s complaint. If upon conclusion of review, TrustDALE agrees that the customer’s position is justified, the company is contractually obligated to abide by the recommendation of TrustDALE to Make It Right.
  7. Make It Right means the vendor will repair/replace the product as recommended by TrustDALE, or may pay a third-party to repair or replace the product, or will reimburse the customer for the cost of the repair/product at a price up to, but not to exceed, the original price paid by the customer.

Must be activated within 90 Days from Original Date of Purchase. You can Register Your Purchase By Filling out this Form.

† Realtors and Health/Wellness Providers have an admened Make-It-Right Guarantee™ to conform with statatory regulations. The admended Make-It-Right Guarentee™ is listed on thier individual business web pages on All Make-It-Right registrations are completed using the same form.