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The 7-Point Review Process

The TrustDale Investigative Process is completed through a personal interview with the business owner or representative, a completed application, public records search, and secret shopping. Many companies apply to become a TrustDALE Certified company but not everyone makes the grade. Only the best companies receive the coveted certification. It all starts with the 7-Point Review Process.

  1. Price: The Company must honor the price it advertises, and not use unavailable products to lure and trap customers into more expensive products. Review can be accomplished by a combination of e-mail, phone, and secret shoppers.
  2. Verified: The performance of each company is continually and systematically reviewed for delivery of excellent customer service.
  3. What Would Dale Do?: Dale Cardwell developed a proven standard of consumer fairness through thousands of real-world problem-solving experiences. Inclusion means Dale would choose to personally do business with this Company.
  4. Consumer Experience: The TrustDale team reviews well-known as well as more specialized databases to determine patterns of customer satisfaction.
  5. Licensing, Professional Certification, Insurance and/or Bonding: Each Company is reviewed for proper professional credentialing.
  6. Lawsuit Search and Review: A review of the Company’s litigation history is requested and reviewed to assure no patterns of unprofessional or illegal business practices.
  7. “Make it Right Guarantee”™: The Company agrees to accept and abide by TrustDALE’s Make it Right Guarantee™.