What is TrustDALE.com?

Our Mission Statement:

Here at TrustDALE, we believe in building a community of trust, where consumers get great products at fair prices, and companies sell great products for fair profit. We support our community by investigating companies - to see if they meet our transparent seven-point standard. We then certify a select number of top performing companies, and back your purchase with the best guarantee in the marketplace. We don’t believe in adding dozens of mediocre companies to our site just to build profit – that doesn’t help any of us. Want real peace of mind when it’s time to buy? Welcome to TrustDALE!

Why should I trust Dale?

I’m Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell. After a career of exposing scams and busting bad guys, I realized that consumers were making the same mistakes over and over when faced with difficult buying decisions. So, I used that experience to create a transparent seven-point investigative process to not only eliminate bad choices but confirm selected and vetted companies are truly worthy of your consideration. I then require those companies to sign an agreement that places me in charge of Making It Right, in the event you feel you didn’t receive what you were promised in writing.

How do I use TrustDALE.com?

It’s easy! Most consumer referral sites require far too much of your personal information. TrustDALE requires NO personal information. When you visit our homepage, make sure your zip code is correct, then type what you’re looking for into the big search window. If you prefer to search by category, scroll down and click on our simple to use category listings. When you click on the category you will find headings for our carefully researched, vetted and recommended companies in each field. You can click on a specific company and read as much or as little as you choose - but be sure to click on the video to see Dale’s personal message about that company.

When you’re ready to contact a company, you have three ways to do so:

  • Call the number you see on their page.
  • Send the company an email via the form provided.
  • Visit their website.

Calling the company or sending them an email from their TrustDALE page automatically registers your protection for our Make It Right Guarantee. If you find the company is TrustDALE certified from a source other than the TrustDALE.com site, we kindly ask you to register your purchase within 24 hours, or let us know you need our help within 90 days of purchasing your product or service.

Dale's New Book:
Don't Get Scammed: Get Smart!