Mold Stopped!

Season: 4

Episode: 152

Air Date: 11/28/2014

Episode Info

Mold Stoppers
Watch out for mold in your home! The experts at Mold Stoppers give you some important tips when it comes to mold problems in your home, and how you can avoid it becoming a serious prolem.

Light Up Season
It's time to light up those furnaces, and you can't go wrong with True Natural Gas. They stopped in to talk with us about what you need to know when you turn on your heaters.

A Trip to the Vet
Don't worry, it's just a checkup. The folks at Alpharetta Animal Hospital tell us of the importance of spaying and neutering your pets, and how it benifits them and you.

George Hobby
Hot water can waste your money at home, see how you can cut that price in half with a few simple tips.

Talk Legal
Steven Leibel is back again with some advice on full coverage insurance and what happens with your insurence in an accident.

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