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By: Nick Campos | Published: 10/24/2016
Keeping your dog in the confines of your yard -- without a fence -- is nearly impossible. Leashes are one solution, though they constrict your dog to only a few feet and can pull and tug on their collars causing choking and discomfort (which, for any smart dog owner, should be a big no-no).   Typical wooden fencing can be an eyesore depending on the layout of your yard. Not to mention, some r...
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Lifestyle and Consumer Goods/Stores

By: Nick Campos | Published: 10/21/2016
When it comes to being more environmentally conscious, the first route you should take is to repurpose or recycle old materials by turning them into something new and unique. With so many old and historic structures still (barely) standing across Atlanta and parts of Northern Georgia -- most of which are vacant and collapsing at their foundations -- there’s now an influx in building material...
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Home Services

By: Nick Campos | Published: 10/19/2016
Pest control (or pest management) is, by no means, a new concept. After gaining popularity initially in the early 1900’s as a way to control insects and rodents in one’s home and/or business, the pest control industry has seldom changed since. For Atlanta residents, pests and the diseases they can potentially carry to one’s patrons or family members are certainly a concern. This ...
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Exterior Renovation & Repair

By: Nick Campos | Published: 10/14/2016
As a homeowner, the threat of mold and mildew buildup in your basement and crawlspaces is a consistent battle; one that seems to only subside temporarily, only to reappear after a day of severe rain and thunderstorms. This is why effective waterproofing is the only way to ensure your home is protected from mold issues, especially if you live in an older property -- which are notorious for cracks i...
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Exterior Renovation & Repair

By: Nick Campos | Published: 10/09/2016
Unlike painting the interior of a home or standard structure, exterior painting is seldom referred to as a DIY project. Beyond having to deal with the elements (warm/cold and rainy weather) painting the exterior of a structure involves hard manual labor that is not only strenuous but time consuming -- a fact worsened if you lead a hustle-and-bustle lifestyle. After all, hiring a professional to pa...
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