TrustDALE Investigates Podcast

Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell tackles seemingly unsolvable consumer problems; keeping you safe from scams.

Previous Episodes

Roof Shingle Harvest

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 10:51 12/07/2018
You will agree that an insurance company came up with a horrible idea to repair a roof when you hear their proposal. TrustDALE explains what you need to do if your insurance company tries this on you.

The Car Title Game

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 13:55 12/03/2018
A car dealership decides to change the rules of a game when they start to lose, but cheaters never win. Find out why.

Western Union Scam

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 10:21 11/16/2018
Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell tackles seemingly unsolvable consumer problems. In this episode, an elderly grandmother is scammed out of thousands of dollars through an elaborate electronic funds transfer scheme.

HOA Green Acres

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 11:23 11/15/2018
When the HOA doesn't do its J-O-B, TrustDALE gets results (and a little dirty). Hear the excuses the property management company tried on us.

Deck Hunt

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 11:08 11/08/2018
A well-built man builds a very weak deck for a homeowner, so we confront the salty contractor to ask about the shoddy work he did and read his unbelievable tweets.

Delta De-Railed

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 07:29 11/06/2018
On this episode, we follow the story of loyalty or the lack of as one loyal customer of a major airline is very disappointed.

Dirty Cleaners

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 14:29 10/29/2018
When a fly by night operation poses as a nationally known floor cleaning company to get inside one lady's home, she sees right away that this could be a scam.

Bitcoin Heist

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 12:02 10/19/2018
New forms of money are bringing new forms of crime. Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell breaks it down.

Mystery Water Bill

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 09:01 10/12/2018
Dealing with a governmental agency can sometimes be slow and cumbersome. See what happens when one resident's water bill starts climbing and climbing and climbing.

Sandy Springs Flooding

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 15:58 10/03/2018
When citizens decide their county government is not responsive to their needs, they form a new city of their own. Sadly, some are finding out their new government is not doing much better. They called TrustDALE for help.

Landscape Escape

TrustDALE Investigates Podcast 10:08 10/02/2018
When a homeowner gives a tree service thousands of dollars for landscaping work and the contractor and the money disappear, she calls TrustDALE for help.
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