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The TrustDALE Certification process requires that a business must first pass my stringent 7-Point Investigative Review of reputation, price, quality, and customer service. That process is completed through detailed research and a personal company interview. I've given this business my highest recommendation. I believe that you, too, can feel confident placing your trust in their services.

About Tim Maitski | Atlanta Communities - Georgia,

Tim Maitski is more than just a real estate agent, he is a TrustDALE Certified agent! In order for him to obtain this designation as a realtor, he has proven that he is more knowledgeable, experienced, and above and beyond the legal requirements via the National Association of Realtors.


The Atlanta real estate market is hot; you need a real estate agent who can give you an advantage over other buyers competing for Atlanta homes.  Tim Maitski has been an Atlanta resident since 1986, and has worked as a fulltime realtor since 1999, selling hundreds of home across Atlanta.  Tim offers his Maitski Line Report to show where prices are headed in your area, a unique “Five Days to Sold” System, and an unbelievable 50% Commission Rebate.



Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Investment Properties, First Time Homebuyers, Condos, Short Sales & Foreclosures, Luxury Properties


Service Area: 

Fulton, Cobb, Forsyth, Gwinnett, and Dekalb Counties


Professional Designations:

  • Associate Broker
  • Certified Distressed Property Expert
  • Atlanta Board of Realtors
  • Georgia Association of Realtors
  • National Association of Realtors


Phoenix Award for Realtors


License Number:


Customer Service

As your real estate agent, Tim makes seeing a lot of homes easy and efficient.  His 12-12-3 plan enables you to see 12 homes on Day One and 12 homes on Day Two, and then pick and submit offers to the top three at the same time to see who is most motivated to sell.  Tim is also a great negotiator, and he prides himself on his ability to make great deals happen.  Don’t forget about his 50% Buyer Agent Commission Rebate, where you will be eligible to receive $7,500 back on a $500,000 home.


As a seller, you need your home presented as best as possible. Tim uses a professional photographer and showcases the magazine-quality photos at  He then uses a 5-day system that gets buyers competing for your home.  Tim also utilizes pre-list preparation, where your home is compared to its competition in order to determine what changes will generate the biggest bang for your buck.


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Products and Services:

Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Investment Properties, First Time Homebuyers, Condos, Short Sales & Foreclosures, Luxury Properties

Business Location(s):

4800 Ashford Dunwoody Rd.

Atlanta , GA 30338

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Tim Maitski | Atlanta Communities

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What is the TrustDALE Investigative Process & the Make it Right Guarantee?

7-Point Investigative Review

The TrustDale Investigative Process is completed through a personal interview with the business owner or representative, a completed application, public records search, and secret shopping. TrustDale disclaims any liability for any and all inadvertent inaccuracies.
  1. Price: The Company must price its main product or products competitively (unless there is a significant difference in the quality of the product). The Company must honor the price it advertises, and not use unavailable products to lure and trap customers into more expensive products.
  2. Verified Reputation & Customer Service: The performance of each company is continually and systematically reviewed for delivery of excellent customer service. This is achieved by conducting follow up surveys of customers who have contacted recommended service providers.
  3. What Would Cardwell Do: Dale Cardwell developed a proven standard of consumer fairness through thousands of real-world problem-solving experiences. This created the basis for “What Would Cardwell Do?” in regard to whether Dale would choose to personally do business with this Company.
  4. Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, Consumer Publications, FTC: Each Company is reviewed through the pertinent agencies and publications.
  5. Licensing, Professional Certification, Insurance and Bonding: Each Company is reviewed for proper professional credentialing.
  6. Lawsuit Search and Review: A review of the Company’s litigation history is completed to assure no history of unprofessional or illegal business practices.
  7. “Make it Right Guarantee”: The Company agrees to accept and abide by TrustDale’s Make it Right Guarantee. Realtor® “Make It Right Guarantee”

The Real Estate Professional Agrees:
  1. Your clients and customers have a right to excellent service
  2. Your current professional standards are already among the best available in the business.
  3. You will ensure complete client and customer service satisfaction by offering the TrustDale Make It Right guarantee.
  4. The TrustDale guarantee becomes valid when a prospect contacts the partner through, or confirms his client or purchase status on
  5. The TrustDale guarantee states that if customer is dissatisfied with product, repair or customer service, the customer will employ the avenues of redress made available by vendor/partner’s customer service agreement. In the event that at the conclusion of the process customer remains dissatisfied, customer will have the right to take his or her grievance to TrustDale within 90 days of the original date of contractual agreement to the broker.
  6. You will allow TrustDale and an independent expert in the field to review the customer’s complaint. If upon conclusion of review the independent expert and Dale agree that the customer’s position is justified, real estate professional will agree to abide by the recommendation of TrustDale to Make It Right.
  7. Make It Right means TrustDale will reimburse client up to $250 and:

    * Real Estate Licensee Limitation: TrustDale recognizes there are regulatory factors in the real estate industry beyond the control of broker and /or a broker’s associated salesperson therefore, the guarantee will be limited to broker’s unconditional release of client from any and all obligations under any exclusive listing agreement or any exclusive representation agreement – and based solely on factors within knowledge and control of the broker or agent. If the TrustDale partner involved is a broker’s associated salesperson, then said release shall be subject to approval of salesperson’s broker. The Make It Right guarantee for Real Estate shall not involve disputes related to existing any existing Purchase and Sale Agreement, nor to legal disputes between any parties to such an agreement.