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The TrustDALE Certification process requires that a business must first pass my stringent 7-Point Investigative Review of reputation, price, quality, and customer service. That process is completed through detailed research and a personal company interview. I've given this business my highest recommendation. I believe that you, too, can feel confident placing your trust in their services.

About The Lloyd Group - Georgia,

The Lloyd Group was founded in 1995 as a professional wealth management and financial planning services firm dedicated to wealth development and asset preservation. The company uses its network of legal, tax, investment and insurance specialists to design a retirement and estate strategy that fits your individual needs. The owner, Mark Lloyd, is a Registered Financial Consultant and Certified Estate Planner who believes people deserve independent, unbiased advice based on the most effective market research and supplied by dedicated industry professionals who understand the long-term ramifications of advice to their clients' lives.


Whether you're concerned about outliving your assets, long-term care, higher taxes or transferring wealth to loved ones and charities, The Lloyd Group's comprehensive planning approach will position you for both the expected and the unexpected. The Lloyd Group also provides practical insights and use easy-to-understand terms to explain the estate planning process and structure a plan that avoids the disadvantages of probate. The company emphasizes that proper probate planning and the use of trusts can avoid costly delays and expenses for your heirs and can provide income for generations to come. The Lloyd Group also believes that the appropriate use of trusts and proper beneficiary designations can ensure that your legacy is preserved, your tax liability is minimized and an orderly distribution of assets upon death is created.

Customer Service

The Lloyd Group understands that each client is unique in their family and personal needs. When the company was founded, it made a commitment to never charge a fee for advice or for helping its clients implement a program. The company's financial professionals have access to many different investment and insurance products with many different companies, each supplying various financial products. This allows their team the flexibility to recommend customized financial products instead of a canned plan. The Lloyd Group holds multiple meetings with potential clients to learn what they are most concerned about and to define objectives prior to delivering a plan for review with recommendations and options available to satisfy clients' needs. Upon becoming a client, the company regularly reviews what revisions may be necessary to stay on track based on changes in law, family situations, health concerns, ever-changing economic conditions and market volatility. Providing personal service to each of its clients is central to The Lloyd Group's mission to ensure that all clients' needs are addressed and implemented with the utmost care.


TrustDALE does not make a determination or representation as to the suitability or advisability of a prospective client entering into a relationship with a particular investment adviser or federal covered investment adviser and merely provides a list of one or more investment advisers for the prospective client. TrustDALE receives compensation from Lloyd Advisory Services, LLC for its solicitation services.  The 7-point standard for financial services providers can be further accessed on

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Products and Services:

Financial Services, Financial Planning, Life Insurance, Retirement Planning, Annuities, Wealth Management

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3575 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd

Suwanee , GA 30024

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The Lloyd Group

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What is the TrustDALE Investigative Process & the Make it Right Guarantee?

7-Point Investigative Review - Financial Services

The TrustDale Investigative Process for Financial Services is completed through a personal interview with the business owner or representative, a completed application, public records search, and secret shopping. TrustDale disclaims any liability for any and all inadvertent inaccuracies.
  1. Price: The Company must price its main product or products competitively (unless there is a significant difference in the quality of the product). The Company must honor the price it advertises, and not use unavailable products to lure and trap customers into more expensive products.
  2. Verified Reputation & Customer Service: The performance of each company is continually and systematically reviewed for delivery of excellent customer service. This is achieved by conducting follow up surveys of customers who have contacted recommended service providers.
  3. What Would Cardwell Do: Dale Cardwell developed a proven standard of consumer fairness focused on customer service through thousands of real-world problem-solving experiences. However, Dale is not, nor has ever been, a client of the financial services entity that is reviewed.
  4. Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, Consumer Publications, FTC: Each Company is reviewed through the pertinent agencies and publications.
  5. Licensing, Professional Certification, Insurance and Bonding: Each Company is reviewed for proper professional credentialing.
  6. Lawsuit Search and Review: A review of the Company's litigation history is completed to assure no history of unprofessional or illegal business practices.
  7. “Make it Right Guarantee”: The Company agrees to accept and abide by TrustDale's Make it Right Guarantee.

Make-It-Right Guarantee - Financial Services

All TrustDALE certified businesses providing financial services must agree in writing to accept and abide by the following:
  1. Certified financial services companies agree that customers have a right to extraordinary customer service.
  2. The TrustDALE Make-It-Right Guarantee™ - Financial Services becomes valid when a customer contacts the vendor through TrustDALE or confirms his/her arrangement within 90 days.
  3. The TrustDALE Make-It-Right Guarantee™ states that if the customer is dissatisfied with the customer service delivered in providing the financial services, the customer will first employ the avenues of redress made available by the business' customer service agreement. In the event the customer remains dissatisfied at the conclusion of the process, he/she will have the right to take the customer service grievance to TrustDALE within the first 90 days.
  4. The company will allow TrustDALE and, if necessary, an independent expert in the field to review the customer's complaint. If, upon conclusion of review, TrustDALE agrees that the customer's position regarding customer service is justified, the company is contractually obligated to abide by the recommendation of TrustDALE to Make It Right as applicable law allows. However, there is no guarantee of a specific outcome within this dispute resolution process.

  5. The material provided by is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Your receipt of the information on regarding financial services is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an agreement for the delivery of financial services, nor is any of the information intended to substitute for obtaining actual advice from a financial services professional.