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Financial Services, Financial Planning, Life Insurance, Retirement Planning, Annuities, Wealth Management

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The Lloyd Group was founded in 1995 as a professional wealth management and financial planning services firm dedicated to wealth development and asset preservation. The company uses its network of legal, tax, investment and insurance specialists to design a retirement and estate strategy that fits your individual needs. The owner, Mark Lloyd, is a Registered Financial Consultant and Certified Estate Planner who believes people deserve independent, unbiased advice based on the most effective market research and supplied by dedicated industry professionals who understand the long-term ramifications of advice to their clients' lives.


Whether you're concerned about outliving your assets, long-term care, higher taxes or transferring wealth to loved ones and charities, The Lloyd Group's comprehensive planning approach will position you for both the expected and the unexpected. The Lloyd Group also provides practical insights and use easy-to-understand terms to explain the estate planning process and structure a plan that avoids the disadvantages of probate. The company emphasizes that proper probate planning and the use of trusts can avoid costly delays and expenses for your heirs and can provide income for generations to come. The Lloyd Group also believes that the appropriate use of trusts and proper beneficiary designations can ensure that your legacy is preserved, your tax liability is minimized and an orderly distribution of assets upon death is created.


The Lloyd Group understands that each client is unique in their family and personal needs. When the company was founded, it made a commitment to never charge a fee for advice or for helping its clients implement a program. The company's financial professionals have access to many different investment and insurance products with many different companies, each supplying various financial products. This allows their team the flexibility to recommend customized financial products instead of a canned plan. The Lloyd Group holds multiple meetings with potential clients to learn what they are most concerned about and to define objectives prior to delivering a plan for review with recommendations and options available to satisfy clients' needs. Upon becoming a client, the company regularly reviews what revisions may be necessary to stay on track based on changes in law, family situations, health concerns, ever-changing economic conditions and market volatility. Providing personal service to each of its clients is central to The Lloyd Group's mission to ensure that all clients' needs are addressed and implemented with the utmost care.


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Products & Services: Financial Services, Financial Planning, Life Insurance, Retirement Planning, Annuities, Wealth Management