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Legal representation for cases involving bankruptcy tax analysis, unfiled tax returns, amended tax returns, bank account levies, wage levies, tax liens, property seizures, business seizures, payroll tax matters, trust fund recovery penalty case

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Jeffrey S. Gartzman opened The Gartzman Law Firm in 1988 with a focus on tax law. As a tax attorney and CPA, Gartzman uses over 30 years of experience to represent individuals and businesses facing tax-related problems. He is well qualified to resolve tax, legal and financial issues including IRS or state back taxes and tax debt.



How do you place a price on a service that can prevent years of heartache and destruction? Jeffrey Gartzman and the Gartzman Law team explain their fees up front and price their expertise fairly and openly. In my view, The Gartzman Law firm offers an incredibly competitive price - based on the firm's expertise and reputation. With a no-cost initial phone consultation, or a 60% discount on your first one hour in-office consultation, you truly owe it to yourself to call Gartzman!


Thirty years of unsurpassed service in this incredibly complicated area of law speaks volumes. Jeffrey Gartzman is a tax attorney and a Certified Public Accountant. He is very qualified to help you resolve your legal and tax problems-with practical solutions. The IRS or State Taxing Authorities can be overwhelming and incredibly aggressive in their pursuit of unpaid taxes. If they believe you owe them money they will file liens in the Public Records, thus negatively affecting your credit, or even worse, your reputation! If you earn your income based on your reputation such as an attorney, doctor, financial advisor, or you are licensed and depend on being able to renew your license to continue to make income such as Contract Laborers and Realtors. Some licensing boards will not allow you to renew your license with a lien in the Public Records. This can be devastating! You have rights and The Gartzman Law Firm knows what they are. Further, if the IRS threatens to seize your assets, bank accounts or wages they know what steps to take on your behalf to step in and negotiate alternate resolutions. If you have been notified you are being audited many experts recommend that you don't represent yourself. Call The Gartzman Law Firm.


I chose the Gartzman Law Firm for your Tax issues and Tax problems not only because of their proven experience and knowledge but because they're real people, and they treat you with dignity and respect. No question is dumb, and no case scares them. The Gartzman Law Firm has seen it all. In this field, experience is vital. For thirty proven years Jeffrey S. Gartzman has been helping clients in metro Atlanta,

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