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consumer lending, loans, title pawn freedom, title loans, car title loans, in person payments (cash, check, money order, debit card), pay by mail, IVR #, online payment options, pay by speaking with a customer service rep.

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1800NewDeal is a lender for consumers with all types of credit history, and offers to pay off high-interest title pawns or title loans. They provide borrowers with a lower interest rate and principal reducing payments that will pay off the loan quick. Customers will save thousands of dollars in interest and be debt free much sooner than a title pawn. 


Don’t be fooled by the 12.5% interest rates shown on the signs and windows of title pawn companies. The problem is that these rates are monthly rates. When it comes time to sign the pawn contract, that 12.5% monthly rate jumps to 150% annually. Title pawn transactions are extremely expensive. In Georgia, the interest rate can be as high as 25% monthly (300% annually) for the first three months and 12.5% monthly (150% annually) thereafter.

1800NewDeal can save customers thousands with lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. Plus, every payment reduces the balance – a real loan with a real end in sight.


1800NewDeal helps customers get the cash they need without the hassle. More than 40,000 customers have trusted1800NewDeal with their financial needs thanks to their dedication in providing the best customer experience. From striving to educate customers to providing a real loan they can actually pay off, 1800NewDeal helps customers achieve the financial freedom they deserve.


1800NewDeal takes great pride in providing excellent customer service – from the initial phone call, to helping the customer complete the terms of their contract. They make the loan process fast, easy and confidential with six convenient metro Atlanta locations and the option to make payments online vs. in-person.

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