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You've heard of smartphones and smart speakers, but what is a smart home?


You've heard the term "smart home" tossed around a lot lately, but what does it actually mean? A smart home is one that is automated, meaning that you can control various aspects of it remotely. This can include things like turning on lights, locking doors, adjusting the thermostat, and more.

Home automation has been around for a while now, but it's becoming more and more popular as technology advances. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of having a smart home and how you can get started!

Are Smart Homes for Real?

Smart homes may feel like something out of a sci-fi television show, but they are very real! In fact, to varying degrees, home automation has been around for years. And it is only becoming more advanced with time!

There are many different ways to make your home "smarter." If you're considering making some upgrades, read on to see how you could benefit from a "smarter" home!

How to Make Your Home "Smarter"

To upgrade your home, you can start simple. There are many home automation options to choose from, and you don't need to make all of the changes immediately.

For example, you can start with something as simple as a smart plug. A smart plug is a device that allows you to control electronics plugged into it remotely. This could be something like turning on a lamp from your bed or turning off the TV when you're done watching.

You can also get devices that allow you to control your lights. This is a great way to add some convenience and security to your home. You can control your lights remotely, schedule them to turn on and off, or even have them come on when there's motion detected in the room.

Another popular home automation product is the smart thermostat. A smart thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere. With a smart thermostat, you can also schedule the temperature to be adjusted at certain times throughout the day based on when you're typically there or away from home.

How Home Automation Can Improve Your Life


One benefit to having a "smarter" home is that it makes life more convenient for you. Instead of having to get out of bed and turn off the lamp, you can do it from your phone or tablet with just a few taps of a button!


You'll also have peace of mind knowing that everything in your home is safe and secure because all doors are locked when they should be, as well as lights turned on when they're needed.

Additionally, one of the major benefits of having home automation is being able to control your home while you're away. For example, if you leave for vacation and want the lights turned on in different rooms at certain times of the day so it looks like someone's there, then all you have to do is schedule it from your phone before leaving.

Energy Savings

Another benefit of having a smart home is energy savings. With the ability to control lights and thermostats remotely, you can reduce how much energy they consume by turning them off when not needed or scheduling temperatures at different times throughout the day based on usage patterns. This will also save money on your utility bills, which everyone loves!

How to Get Started

You don't need to make all the changes right away. Start small with a smart plug or lightbulb, and then move up from there as needed. If you’re interested in making bigger changes, you should start with a professional home automation company. There are many benefits to using a professional! 

When you hire a professional, they will start by doing a comprehensive consultation. They’ll visit your home to asses your needs, then discuss the project, your budget, and options for brands and other factors. Next, they’ll provide you with a writen proposal and plan of work. This is a detailed scope of work and summary of costs per room, to help you make a decision. Once you’re ready, a professional crew will handle the installation and instruct you on how to run your new smart home!


Though home automation has been around for a while now, but it is becoming more and more popular as people are realizing the benefits of having a smart home. With all the different types of home automation available, they can surely improve your life!

If you are ready to update and streamline your home's efficiency, a smart home automation upgrade is the way to go. And when you use a TrustDALE certified professional, you're always protected by Dale's trademark $10,000 Make-It-Right Guarantee. So start looking for a trusted home automation professional in your area today!