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Window Genie Holiday Lights


November 4, 2015

There’s nothing that signals the beginning of the holiday season like the first twinkle of nighttime holiday lights. With such a short time frame between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, how can Atlanta homeowners find time to light up the night at their home? Your Holiday Lights (a division of Window Genie) is ready to help!

NOW is the best time to set up a complimentary consultation with Your Holiday Lights.  According to David Flax with Window Genie, “there is usually a rush around the end of November; homeowners call back the day after Thanksgiving and the schedule is usually filled up. By the time we get to December, it’s difficult to take on new customers.” 

The experts at Your Holiday Lights can help homeowners with custom design work to build their dream holiday lighting design. Packages starting at $399 are also available. For the average 4BR, 2-story Atlanta home, the cost comes in around $600-$700. Packages consist of a 3-year program, where the company installs, removes and stores the same lights for 3 consecutive years. The installation is done by a licensed, bonded, and insured crew that works exclusively for Window Genie. 

What kind of installation is most popular in the Atlanta area? According to David, 9 out of 10 Atlanta homeowners choose classic white lights. Your Holiday Lights uses high-quality lights, and replaces any lights that burn out during the season. Most homeowners find that they get the best “bang for their buck” with rows of lights outlining the roofline and peaks of the house, and many homeowners add lighted wreaths and garland. A light-hanging service also helps homeowners avoid injury; according to David, “15,000 holiday-decorating accidents take place every year.”  That’s a convincing statistic!

While Your Holiday Lights does do commercial installations for subdivisions, restaurants, and retail stores, 95% of their business is residential. David says, “the company has always had the equipment to do it, and people don’t like climbing ladders, especially for trees.” In fact, trees are the most expensive lighting job; it often requires specialists. The most unique installation the company did last year was a 100-foot oak tree in Midtown. “We couldn’t even get a boom lift in there,” says David; “we had to hire arborists to hang lights. They didn’t want metal spikes in the trees. Four people climbed this 100-foot tree for 2 days and hung over a thousand feet of lights.”

Are you ready to stop climbing ladders and start enjoying your holiday display? Go to, put in your zip code, and request a quote today to get ahead of the “white twinkly light” rush! Be sure to mention that you saw them on the website.

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