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Professional Window Cleaning For Your Home


For most homeowners in Atlanta, “clean windows” is not at the top of the list. Although it is important, breaking out the ladder and Windex can wait. Have we even figured out if newspaper or paper towels gives a better at home result?

After spending all that time finally giving your windows a good “clean”, they still look streaky! Lint is clearly visible and fingerprints will not seem to go away. Maybe it’s time to call in the professionals.

No ladder, no amonia smelling products, no stress and definitely no streaks.

Discover The Brighter Side of Clean Windows

Locally owned and operated, Window Genie of Atlanta cleans, protects and restores your windows. Window Genie offers a streak free guarantee by using their three step window cleaning process along with all green cleaning products.

Window Genie is bonded and carries full insurance for their services. Not only do they provide a free at-home estimate, but also can customize your cleaning needs.

Most customers are looking for more than a one time clean and prefer to have at least two cleanings per year. Window Genie, being a repeat service company, can create a cleaning schedule that is both affordable and effective. With their Window Care Program, returning customers can receive discounts based on frequency and can more than likely look at saving up to thirty percent each clean.

Window Genie does more than clean windows. In fact, they offer window tinting; specially designed to save you money each month on your utility bill by eliminating those annoying hot and cold spots in your home. Say goodbye to drafts and hello to clean, cash saving windows.

A Clean You Can Expect From Window Genie

Window Genie’s claim to fame is their three step window cleaning process. To get that squeaky clean shine they first rub and scrub your windows to release the buildup of grease, grime and airborne contaminants.

Their second step includes squeegeeing the window glass clean with professional grade equipment to remove 99.9% of water and dirt from the pores of the glass.

The last step involves wiping down the edges and sills of the window dry, to leave behind nothing but sparkling glass. Window Genie is so confident you’ll love your new shiny windows; but if ever a problem Window Genie will come back and fix it immediately for free.

Save Money With Custom Window Tinting

Windows are the number one cause of heat gain and loss in homes. Tinting your windows saves you thirty percent on your utility bill and also privacy too. Window Genie offers residential and commercial window tinting to not only block heat but, reduce glare and add security to your home by using their 3M Envision Window Film.

Window tinting significantly reduces harmful UV rays, helping extend the life of furnishings, upholstery, wood, floors and even walls. Window Genie uses Nano-Carbon polyester for maximum heat rejection. The non-metalized film used also eliminates signal interference and the potential for corrosion.

Window Genie guarantees your tint to last a lifetime, providing you comfort and solitude.

Dale trusts Window Genie Atlanta. Visit Window Genie Atlanta on to learn more!