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Why Choose Dogma Dog Care?


Pet lovers and especially dog lovers know the importance of getting quality dog care when it is needed the most. That said, those throughout the greater Atlanta area have come to trust and rely upon Dogma Dog Care. Perhaps most notable of all is the fact that Dogma Dog Care is a company that has been fully vetted and researched by The facility features three well-equipped outdoor play areas spanning more than 2 1/2 acres.

Quality Dens Or Suites

This provides an environment where dogs can run and have fun. Unlike other dog care facilities, Dogma Dog Care offers the opportunity for dogs to run and play all day long. They are then able to rest comfortably during the evenings in one of their quality dens or suites. With experienced, friendly and knowledgeable staff, the company provides detailed and personalized attention for each and every animal in their care. The care is often compared to the same level of attention that a pet would receive at home. This is an important consideration for pet owners who demand the very best for their animals.

Neglected And Homeless Animals

Robin Crawford, the owner and president of Dogma Dog Care has always been committed to providing the very best in doggie day care related services. With a lifelong affection for animals and dogs in particular, Robin consistently exceeds the expectations of her clients. Robin has a long history of caring for animals that began years ago by rescuing and caring for a wide range of neglected and homeless animals. This fascination with helping animals in need goes far back in time to when Robin was just six years old.

Reliable And Dependable

Dogma Dog Care office impressive price, quality and customer service advantages. As one of the most cost efficient solutions for doggie daycare needs, the company guarantees total satisfaction while providing fair and highly competitive pricing. Keeping prices under control and within reach of the average pet owner, Dogma Dog Care has been able to help people better care for their pets in a reliable and dependable way. Offering customized packages that fit specific pet owner needs, the company offers many variations of boarding, training and pick-up and drop-off options. There are even provisions for senior and geriatric dog care related needs.

Smart Choice Among Pet Owners

Dogma Dog Care is built on a solid foundation of high-quality customer service. Keeping customers and pets happy is what the company has done best for many years. Every pet is treated like a member of the family and that is why Dogma Dog Care has been able to continue to be so popular throughout the region. Providing only the best in food, furniture and pet related gear and toys, Dogma Dog Care is a smart choice among pet owners who expect the best for their furry family members. is proud to list Dogma Dog Care on its consumer advocacy site as a top service provider in the region.