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Where to Turn for the Best Pet Sitting


If you are a dog or cat parent, you want only the best for your furry friend. Day in and day out you care for your loved one as only a pet parent could. But sometimes you need to be away from your pet. Whether it is just during the day while you are at work, or for an extended period while you are out of town, sometimes you need a helping hand to care for your pet. When you need help, professional pet sitting is a great option. But how do you know where to turn and who to trust? Luckily, has done the work for you!

Where to Turn for the Best Pet Sitting [infographic]

Why Professional Pet Sitting

Pet sitting comes in a variety of forms. You may need someone to come by and check on your pet once a day while you are out of town. Or maybe you need an extended visit. Sometimes a home visit isn’t enough. You want to board your pet with a loving temporary family. Whatever your need, professional pet sitters are here to help.

Sure, you could hire the kid from next door to stop in and care for your pet while you are away. But is that the best choice? The answer is, maybe. It depends on what you need and how much you trust a non-professional with your pet. In some cases, just a friendly visit may be enough. But there’s no replacement for skilled, professional care.

Pet Sitting Organizations

Real professional pet sitters aren’t just casual gig workers. Did you know that there are professional organizations for pet sitters? Professional organization range from the international to the local.

The largest pet sitting professional organization is Pet Sitters International. Since 1994, Pet Sitters International has educated and certified pet sitters. Members of Pet Sitters International have access to ongoing education to keep them at the highest levels of service. Together, PSI member businesses serve 800,000 pet-owning households. With a professional network, member businesses have access to the best new information and training.

Another major pet sitting professional organization is NAAPS, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. NAAPS serves over 2,000 pet sitting professionals and businesses. The organization provides tools ranging from business and entrepreneurship guidance to pet care certification. It offers regular webinars and trainings. When you hire a NAAPS member pet sitter, you know that you are getting a professional dedicated to constant improvement and top notch service.

On the local level, the Georgia Network of Professional Pet Sitters represents a growing number of local businesses. GNPPS member businesses provide some (or all) of the following services: 

  • Vacation or Business Travel visits in YOUR home
  • Dog Walking or Midday visits during your long days away
  • Sleep-In Overnight Visits
  • Home Boarding
  • Pet Transportation
  • House Sitting

When you hire a GNPPS member business, you can be sure that you are getting a professional, insured pet sitter. GNPPS members aren’t just occasional, casual pet caretakers. They represent a dedication to the business of pet sitting and the highest standards of service.

What Pet Sitters Do

Pet sitting can cover a variety of services. The most common situation for pet sitting is when a pet parent is traveling and unable to care for their pet. When a pet parent is away, there are several options for pet care. The first option is to keep their pet at home and get a pet sitter for regular visits.

If you want excellent pet sitting, look no further than Reigning Cats & Dogs. This TrustDALE certified business provides plenty of options. If you prefer to keep your pet in your home, you can arrange for daily visits from a caring professional. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or another type of pet, a pet sitting professional can be there for your pet. With the option for visits that last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, your pet will be well cared for.

On a typical short visit, your pet will be cared for according to your instructions, plus you will receive the following services:

  • Bringing in your mail, newspapers, and packages.
  • Watering your potted plants.
  • Opening and closing window treatments and rotating the lights, so your home appears occupied.

With 30-minute or longer visits, your pet will also receive extended play time and administration of any necessary medications.

If you want a little more, Reigning Cats & Dogs can take your dog for a 60-minute brisk walk or even a run. You can rest assured that your dog is being cared for with all the love and attention you give them yourself.

In-Home Boarding

If you want your furry friend to have more interaction than just a daily visit, you can opt for in-home boarding. Reigning Cats & Dogs will place your pet with a loving family that will care for your pet like one of their own. Their pet hosts are select employees who are experienced, insured, and who have undergone a rigorous background check. You have nothing to worry about. You can rest assured that your pet is receiving all the love and attention they deserve. Your pet can stay as long as you need as a temporary member of the family.

House Sitting

When it comes to caring for your pet and your home while you are away, nothing beats professional house sitting. Reigning Cats & Dogs provides three options. You can choose to have a house sitter stay overnight in your home and care for your home and your pet. Your pet will have a wonderful companion overnight, almost like having your home. 

If you want even more care, Reigning Cats & Dogs can have an employee stay at your home 24-hours a day, leaving only for short durations. Your pet will be loved and cared for with a constant companion. Plus, your house sitter will take care of chores lick bringing in mail and packages, watering plants, and rotating lights and window covering to make sure your home appears occupied.

Another option is to have a house sitter at your home only during the day. Your pet will have a companion to love and play with all day long.

Waste Removal

As a pet parent, one of the least appealing parts of your job is cleaning up after your pet. If your pet uses your lawn or outdoor area to relieve themselves, you’re eventually stuck with the regular chore of cleaning up. But Reigning Cats & Dogs provides a solution. Their professionals can come to your property monthly, every other week, or weekly to clean up.

If you own a commercial property, like an apartment complex or condominiums, their waste removal professionals can keep your property clean, too. Or if you run a pet-related business, they can do the dirty work. They can also visit pet relief areas in residential neighborhoods or any other area that needs regular waste cleanup.

When it comes to your pets, you want to know you can trust in their caregivers. Luckily, has done the research. Every TrustDALE certified business has undergone our rigorous 7 point investigative review. So when you hire Reigning Cats & Dogs, you can be sure that you are working with trusted professionals who will treat your pets with all the love and care you do.