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Where to Turn for the Best At Home Senior Care


Caring for loved ones as they age is one of the most serious responsibilities you may face. There are so many options, but choosing the right one can literally be a life and death choice. Sometimes your aging loved ones may need to move into a residential care program, such as assisted living or a nursing home. But often it is preferable for a senior to stay in his or her home for as long as possible. When you are trying to keep a senior in their own home, at home senior care can make all the difference.


The Case for At Home Senior Care

As you loved ones age, caring for them can become an increasingly difficult task. They may need more regular and constant care than you can provide. When that happens, you may be forced to find external help. Sometimes, a senior may require so much care that the only option is to turn to residential care. In those situations, finding a healthy, competent, loving senior residence is of the utmost importance.

But what if you are trying to keep your senior loved one in their home? Many studies have shown that seniors can benefit tremendously from staying in their own homes for as long as possible. But “as long as possible” can depend on how much care a senior needs on a day to day basis. As the need for care increases, the ability to keep that loved one in their home becomes more and more difficult to achieve.

One solution is at home senior care. By providing care for seniors in their own homes, they are able to stay in their own homes longer while still receiving the care they need and deserve. Of course, when finding at home care, quality of service is paramount. You want to make sure that your loved one gets the absolute best care available.

At Home Senior Care Providers

Finding the right provider for your senior loved one’s at home care can literally be a life and death choice. We have all heard horror stories of shady businesses who fail to help, or even harm, the seniors in their care. This is one area where finding a reputable provider is more important than almost any other.

If you are caring for a senior loved one and need some help, you want that loved one to receive the same quality of care you would provide, or better. But where can you turn to get that kind of service? How can you be sure that providing at home services for your loved one in a step up from what you can do on your own, not a step down?

Thankfully, TrustDALE has done the research for you. Dale trusts A Hand to Hold senior care services. A Hand to Hold has been providing senior care services for nearly two decades. They recognize that their greatest asset and the key to delivering successful care is their employees. All of the caregivers at A Hand to Hold are highly trained, qualified, and supervised by a credentialed Care Manager who specializes in senior care. A Hand to Hold has an extensive application for its caregivers, selecting only the best employees. On average, only about 1 in 24 applicants are hired.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Caring for your loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's or dementia can be a struggle. It is physically and emotionally demanding and becomes even more demanding as the condition progresses. Often times seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia are relegated to residential care facilities. But many experts agree that keeping a senior in their home environment for as long as possible can help them maintain a sense of normalcy that helps them as they become less able to recognize the world around them.

A Hand to Hold has caregivers who are trained and experienced in helping seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Their caregivers are trained to communicate effectively and help manage your loved one’s behaviors. They are also trained to anticipate their needs and help them stay as connected as possible to family, friends, and their community. Their caregivers recognize that a key to dementia care is finding meaning and joy in the small everyday moments. They can help to structure your loved one’s days with activities and interaction to help them stay as mentally active as possible.

Post-Surgery and Hospital-to-Home Transition Care

Transitioning home from a hospital stay can be challenging for patients of any age. Following a surgery or serious illness, a patient may need help to properly recover in his or her own home. A Hand to Hold can provide post-surgery and hospital-to-home transition care for any age.

A Hand to Hold caregivers can provide personalized at home care. Their certified nurses assistants and registered nurses can provide professional care in a home setting, allowing for the best of both worlds. Patients receive expert medical care while enjoying the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Even if you don’t need constant care, A Hand to Hold caregivers can provide a number of services. Often, following a surgery or serious illness there will be follow-up visits to rehab programs or doctors’ offices. Caregivers can help with transportation. When it’s hard to get around, they can also help with prescription pick-up.

It’s important when recovering at home that a patient get the rest they need without overexerting themselves. A Hand to Hold caregivers are not limited to medical care. They can also help with meal preparation, laundry, and housekeeping. In short, if it will help with your recovery, A Hand to Hold can probably do it.

Companion Program

A Hand to Hold helps seniors with the day to day tasks required to stay in their homes. While taking care of the basic tasks involved in home ownership is important, there is another concern for many aging adults living at home. As seniors become less mobile and less able to venture out of their homes, they risk becoming isolated. This is why seniors are often at higher risk of depression as they age.

A Hand to Hold can help keep these seniors engaged with their companion program. The A Hand to Hold Confrere Program matches seniors with mature adults who have similar interests and experiences to them. These companions can provide a compatible peer relationship that helps seniors stay engaged socially. This kind of companionship can enhance a senior loved one’s life beyond simple at home care. Studies have shown that companionship and social engagement are keys to happiness and longevity.

Dog Therapy

Interacting with pets can lower blood pressure and increase serotonin levels. It can also help reduce depression and combat the social withdrawal and isolation that often accompany dementia. Of course, for many seniors, especially those suffering Alzheimer’s or dementia, owning a dog is out of the question.

With A Hand to Hold’s Dog Therapy program, seniors can benefit from interacting with a dog without the responsibility of pet ownership. A Hand to Hold can bring a pet to a senior animal lover for a visit. Seniors with or without dementia love interacting A Hand to Hold’s therapy dog.

Making the Right Choice for At Home Senior Care

At home senior care is an important choice for your loved one. With A Hand to Hold and TrustDALE’s endorsement, you can be sure that you are getting quality care at a fair price. Nothing is more important than caring for your loved one, so make the right choice and go with A Hand to Hold.