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When a New Gutter System Leaves a Homeowner Underwater, TrustDALE Gets It Done


No one likes cleaning their gutters. While there are plenty of ways to do it, one type of system tries to eliminate the problem altogether. Many companies sell special gutter covers that are supposed to keep out leaves and debris, funnel water into the gutter, and keep water flowing freely away from your home and into the downspouts. But sometimes these systems don’t work precisely the way salespeople say they do, and that’s where this consumer ended up.

A Solution to a Problem

Michael is a former aeronautical engineer. So when it came to finding a solution to keep his gutters clear, he did his research. After looking at a variety of gutter protection systems, he chose one that looked like it would work well on his home. And when the salesperson came to his house to talk about the product, they confirmed his research. The salesperson told Michael that he would never have to clean his gutters again. The gutter cover would keep leaves out and allow water to drain efficiently.

In November, Michael paid $3,200 to have the gutter system installed on all of his gutters, and looked forward to clear gutters all winter long. Then came autumn, and the many trees on his property dumped a considerable amount of leaves on his gutters. Trusting the system he paid for, he let the gutter covers do the work. But when heavy rains hit in January, Michael was severely disappointed.

A Company Shrugs

Michael had high hopes for his new gutter system, but when the heavy rains hit, the water just ricocheted off his gutter covers. Instead of keeping his gutters clean and channeling water to the downspouts, the gutter covers sent water spilling over the gutter in sheets.

Disappointed with the performance of his new gutter system, Michael called the company that had sold and installed them. He even sent them videos of the torrents of water pouring onto the ground near his home. But to his surprise, the company just shrugged. They told him that the pitch of his roof was too steep and that he had too many leaves. And worst of all, they said that this is how the system was supposed to work. Of course, no one told him before he bought the system that the way it worked was to send streams of water pouring over the side of the gutter and onto the ground next to the walls of his home. Michael was understandably upset, but the company wouldn’t budge.

TrustDALE Gets It Done

Michael reached out to TrustDALE about his frustration with this company. We contacted them and explained the situation. We also shared the video documentation of the problem. Once the company realized that their reluctance to act was about to hit a substantial social media audience, they capitulated. They offered to return Michael’s full $3,200 and remove the gutter covers from his home.

We’ve seen a lot of these gutter covers. They are usually advertised as a complete solution to gutter overflow. The promise is that you will never have to clean your gutters again. However, the fact is that none of these systems is built to function in a torrential downpour. The problem is that their sales pitch doesn’t tell you that.

When you work with a TrustDALE certified company, you know you are getting the real deal. TrustDALE companies don’t overpromise, because they know that they have agreed to make it right, so there’s no point in promising a product they can’t deliver. Of course, problems still happen. And when they do, every TrustDALE certified company has agreed to make it right themselves or let TrustDALE take the reins and do it for them.