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What Happens When a Business Won't Send Your Last Paycheck Months After You Leave the Job?


We like to help businesses and consumers work together to solve disputes. Sometimes things fall through the cracks. When that happens, a little nudge from TrustDALE is often all it takes to get things back on track. In more difficult cases, we have to remind businesses that we have the power of the internet, and that working with a consumer is better than being named and shamed online. And in a rare few cases, TrustDALE may be able to help consumers even before the companies involved do their part. This is one of those stories.

Parting Ways

Melody worked as a security guard at a construction site. When she parted ways with the company she worked for, she turned in her uniform and was promised a check for $200.54. The check was supposed to be her final paycheck for work she had already done. But when she didn't receive a check for over a week, she did the obvious thing and contacted her former employer. The employer gave her the classic response, "The check is in the mail." Melody was patient, but when another month passed with no check, Melody reached out to TrustDALE for help.

More Information

Our producer Marni reached out to Melody to get more information about the situation. She learned that Melody had worked as a security guard at a construction site. One day, while on the job, she fell ill and left the worksite to pick up some medications. Her employer was upset that she had left the site without notifying anyone, and Melody was fired. She told us that she understands why she was fired and is not fighting that. She turned in her uniform and tried to part ways amicably with her former employer. She was told that in exchange for turning in her uniform, she would get her final paycheck. But that paycheck just never came.

TrustDALE Gets It Done

We tried to contact Melody's former employer. But in the meantime, we know that Melody has bills to pay and food to buy. Waiting for the $200.54 was making life harder for her. Since TrustDALE is all about helping people, we were able to help Melody, too. In these trying times, no one should be struggling to make ends meet, so we sent Melody a check for $200.54 from TrustDALE. For now, Melody is taken care of, and we can still work with her former employer to get her that last paycheck.

How TrustDALE Handles Requests for Help

At TrustDALE, we receive fifty or more requests for help every month. We try to help everyone, but there are a few things consumers can do to improve their chances of a desirable resolution. The most crucial part of getting help is getting and keeping documentation. The more documentation you have to back up your claims, the more we can help.

We always recommend keeping receipts, work orders, and any written communications about a job or service you pay for. If you have a dispute with a business, we suggest communicating in writing, like via email, so that there is a record of everything you and the company discuss. If you have to talk on the phone, try to get another phone or computer so you can put the call on speakerphone and record the conversation. The more documentation we have, the better prepared we can be to get you the results you're looking for.