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Welcome: Southern Charm Pet Care


Our furry friends—or feathered, as the case may be—are like members of our families. So it’s no surprise that many pet owners are a little reluctant to turn over their care to a stranger. But when you’re out at work all day or go for several days on vacation, someone has to care for your pets. You could hire the neighbor’s kid to come by and feed your cats (or other pets) while you’re away, but can you really trust that?

Southern Charm Pet Care uses bonded and insured professional animal lovers who care for your pets like they’re family. It all starts with a call to Southern Charm Pet Care. Next, you and your pet will have an in-person, in-home meeting with your pet care professional. We know you’ll love our crew. And when you feel comfortable with your personal pet care provider, you can arrange your pet care schedule. We customize every service package to fit your needs precisely.

Professional Pet Lovers

Some pet sitters are pet lovers. And some are professionals. But the pet sitters, dog walkers, and animal care specialists at Southern Charm Pet Care combine their love of animals with absolute professionalism. That combination is why pet owners of all types love their Southern Charm Pet Care pet sitters.

All Southern Charm Pet Care sitters are bonded and insured, so you have nothing to worry about. Can you say that about the local college kid just looking to pick up a few bucks? Their pet sitters will work with you to create a completely customized service plan to fit your needs. Want someone to visit and play with your pet each day while you’re at work? They can do that. Does your pet have a medication schedule that needs to be maintained while you are away? They do that, too. And if you’re going away for a while and want someone to come play with your pets even multiple times a day, Southern Charm Pet Care sitters can make it happen.

Your Pets Will Love Them

At Southern Charm Pet Care, they know that pets are people, too—well, sort of. It’s important that your pets love their sitter as much as you do. That’s why they are thrilled when they hear that pets who see their sitters outside of regular hours are always excited and eager to say hello. It’s safe to say that pets love their Southern Charm Pet Care sitters.

Pet Care You Can Trust

When you leave your pets in someone else’s care, your number one concern will always be trust. Can you trust a stranger in your home? Can you trust a stranger with your pet? Thankfully, Dale has done the work for you, and the answer is an empathic, “Yes!”

After undergoing Dale’s unique and extensive seven-part investigative review, TrustDALE has added Southern Charm Pet Care to our Circle of Excellence and our Family of Trust. Welcome, Southern Charm Pet Care!