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The average homeowner has plenty to take care of around the house. From everyday chores to routine maintenance, it seems like something always demands your attention. You wouldn’t let a leaky toilet or faucet go unrepaired. And you certainly wouldn’t put up with a broken refrigerator or HVAC system. But many people who own homes with septic systems hardly ever think about them. After all, few of us ever consider what happens after we flush the toilet or drain our sinks. But if you’ve got a septic system, ignoring it could lead to stinky, filthy, and expensive problems. So don’t forget about your septic system. Call Septic Blue today!

Why You Need to Maintain Your Septic System

Most people don’t think twice about what happens after they flush the toilet or drain their sink. The water and waste flow off into some vast sewer system and becomes someone else’s problem. But if your home is on a septic system, that water and waste is your problem, and it’s your responsibility to make sure that it is dealt with appropriately.

A well-functioning septic system is a great way to deal with residential wastewater. It has the benefit of returning the water you use right into the groundwater. That keeps the water table steady and avoids draining away precious resources. But if you don’t maintain your system, you could end up with a real mess.

A septic tank system can work just fine with only minimal attention. However, an average residential system should have the tank pumped and inspected every three to five years. Of course, if there are any signs of damage or malfunction, immediate attention is required. Replacing a septic tank can be very expensive. So catching small problems while they can still be repaired is vital to keeping your septic tank for as long as possible.

If you notice a problem, Septic Blue is there for you. They offer 24/7 emergency repairs and can usually provide same-day service. You’ll also never pay extra for night or weekend service. So if something smells fishy, don’t hesitate. Call Septic Blue right away!

Do You Know Scum from Sludge?

If you haven’t had your septic tank pumped in three years or more, it’s time to call Septic Blue. They will pump your tank and perform a full system inspection.

One of the most critical measures you should take of your septic tank before pumping is the level of scum and sludge. While most of us think of scum and sludge and just more words for yucky stuff, they are actually technical terms in the septic world.

The contents of your septic tank separate into three layers. The bottom layer, called sludge, is made up of the solid waste that falls to the bottom of the tank. On top of that is the liquid layer. The liquid layer contains all the water and liquid waste that enters your septic system. That should be the thickest layer in your septic tank. On top of the water is a layer of floating scum. The scum is oil and grease that has separated and floats on top of the water layer.

The key to septic tank maintenance is to avoid too much buildup of sludge and scum. Too much sludge and scum can clog pipes and cause backups. In the worst case, the damage could be so severe that you need to replace your entire system. But with regular pumping, you can keep scum and sludge levels in check and avoid any damage. Even if you are experiencing a backup, emergency pumping can often save your system if you call before the problem gets out of hand.

What Else Is Included in an Inspection?

In addition to checking the waste levels in your tank, Septic Blue will inspect your pipes and other components for damage and corrosion. Over time, corrosion and mineral deposits can damage your pipes, leading to leaks. If you catch the damage on time, a simple repair is usually all it takes to get things back to normal.

The inspection also includes a full review of your drain field. Patches of rapidly growing grass, pooling water, and a foul smell are all indications of problems with your drain field. If you notice a problem, don’t fret. Septic Blue can usually repair the problem without resorting to a full replacement.

Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or a complete replacement, Septic Blue is the company to call. They are TrustDALE certified and backed by Dale’s trademark $10,000 Make-It-Right™ Guarantee.