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Welcome: CalTek Appliance Repair


If you own a home, chances are you have all sorts of appliances. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers are standard in almost every home. And if one breaks down, it can really leave you in a lurch. That’s why we’re proud to recommend CalTek Appliance Repair for all your appliance servicing needs. CalTek will repair your appliances promptly, with excellent service and competitive prices.

Maintaining Your Appliances

The best way to avoid costly repairs and keep your appliances running for as long as possible to make sure you do regular maintenance. Regularly maintaining your appliances, whether you do it yourself or call CalTek Appliance Repair, will extend the life of your appliances. So here are some tips on the top maintenance tasks for your appliances.


The best thing you can do for your fridge is to keep it clean, inside and out. At least once a year, make sure to clean your coils.

  1. Unplug your fridge.
  2. Remove the kickplate and wash it.
  3. With a long brush, gently brush under and around the coils. There is likely a lot of built-up dirt.
  4. Use a shop vac or just any vacuum with a hose to clean out loosened dirt and anything that falls on the floor.
  5. Put the kickplate back in place and plug the fridge back in.

The coils of your fridge are what keep the refrigerator cool, and they need proper airflow to function. Cleaning the coils will make the compressor work less hard, reducing wear on the fridge and saving electricity. Note that on some fridges the coils are on the back, not the bottom.

Also, make sure to check your icemaker from time to time. Empty the built-up ice, wipe clean the shoot that the ice comes out of, and lift up and clean around the drip basin.

Your fridge door gasket should also be kept clean and can be kept supple with a light application of petroleum jelly.


Most modern dishwashers have a filter that collects food particles. Make sure to clean out the filter at least every couple of months. Also, check for food and other debris that can build up in the spray holes of the dishwashers spray arm. The holes can be cleaned out with a toothpick to increase water flow and make your dishwasher more effective. If you have hard water, run a cycle with a specialized cleaner to remove mineral buildup.

Washing Machines

A top load washer doesn’t need much maintenance at all. A front load washer needs a little maintenance to keep it working at its best. First, make sure not to overload the washer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maximum load size. Second, when not in use, keep the door open to allow air to circulate and prevent moisture and mold buildup. You can also use a specially formulated cleaner once a month to keep your washer fresh.


Maintaining a dryer is about keeping things clean. You know you need to clean the lint screen after every load. But you should also be checking your dryer vent every few weeks for collected lint. Clearing it out will make your dryer more efficient and will make clothes dry faster. Also, make sure that your dryer is level and stable. If a dryer is shaking a lot, readjust the load and take a look at how the dryer sits on the floor. A rattling dryer is damaging its internal components as it shakes.

Professional Maintenance

While there is some maintenance you can do yourself, the best maintenance is done by professionals. Every few months, have a professional like the pros at CalTek Appliance Repair inspect, maintain, and make any repairs your appliances may need. An ounce of prevention is, as they say, worth a pound of cure.