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Vinyl Siding Care And Cleaning Tips


Most new home construction projects make use of modern and innovative vinyl siding.  
One of the best ways to get the most out of this type of siding product is to maintain it properly and clean it regularly. Vinyl siding that has been properly cared for will last for many years and even decades.  
One of the easiest ways to clean this type of siding product is to use a soft cloth or soft bristle type brush. When cleaning siding begin at the bottom of the house and work upward while rinsing regularly. 

Exercise Extreme Caution 

As a note of caution, houses that have brick type facing should be protected so that cleaning solution does not discolor the bricks.  
One option for cleaning siding is to consider using a pressure washer. If using a pressure washer it is important to exercise extreme caution so that you do not damage siding material.  
Always read the manufacturers recommendations and instructions before using this type of power tool. Avoid pressure washing at sharp angles and keep the nozzle at a safe distance away from the side of the house. 

Pressure Washer

Equally important is to avoid forcing pressurized water behind siding panels. This will ultimately cause water damage and will warp panels over time.  
When using a pressure washer it is best to refer to the siding manufacturers recommendations. Some manufacturers recommend not using pressure washers on their products.  
During the cleaning process if mold or mildew is detected it is a good idea to use a commercially available cleaner that is specifically designed to target mold and mildew. 

Rubber Gloves And Long Sleeve Pants

Another important consideration regarding cleaners involves choosing products that are proven acceptable and that will not damage siding material.  
Talk with your contractor or home improvement professional to determine which type of cleaning solutions are the safest and the best. When cleaning anything around your home including siding it is important to wear the right type of protective gear.  
Protective-goggles, rubber gloves and long sleeve pants and shirts will help to keep homeowners safe during the cleaning process. It is also a good idea to follow proper safety protocol when using a ladder and other types of tools. 

Take Advantage Of These Basic Cleaning Strategies

Injury and even loss of life occurs each and every year across the country as people attempt do-it-yourself projects around residential homes.  
Taking the time to put safety first will help to ensure that any do-it-yourself projects such as cleaning siding do not result in injury. Taking advantage of these basic cleaning strategies when it comes to cleaning vinyl siding can extend the life of this important part of your home and save you money.  
It will also help to reduce the chances of insect damage, rotting, splitting or discoloration. Vinyl siding is simple to maintain, easy to clean and looks great. Follow these tips and enjoy all that modern siding has to offer.