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Useful Tips On More Effective Deck Washing


Keeping a residential home deck beautiful, clean and attractive can be as simple as following a few useful deck-washing tips.  
For example, making use of a common leaf blower or even a broom can go a long way in making deck cleaning easy and convenient.  
A leaf blower is particularly useful in that it offers powerful assistance in blowing away dirt, debris and leaves from a decking surface.  
Many homeowners choose to use a leaf blower prior to actually cleaning the deck surface with a mild detergent and water. 
Cleaning A Deck 
Perhaps one of the best ways to get good results when it comes to cleaning a deck is to purchase a commercial type deck cleaning solution.  
These products are designed specifically to remove mold and mildew as well as oxidation that can cause unsightly graying of a deck’s surface.  
The graying that is so common on today's decks is usually the result of oxidation and dirt.  
Always follow the manufacturer's directions when using any type of deck cleaning solution. This will help to ensure the damage does not occur. 
Commercial Deck Cleaning Solution 
Homeowners are advised to always use protective gear such as rubber gloves and safety glasses when cleaning a deck.  
Commercial deck cleaners can be abrasive and even toxic. Be careful and take your time when cleaning a deck using any type of commercial cleaning solution.  
When the actual cleaning process begins make use of a broom or other type of stiff fiber bristle brush to thoroughly clean the deck surface.  
Always work in the direction of the wood grain to get the best results. Working in small areas and rinsing frequently is always recommended. 
Substantial Deck Surface Area 
Equally important is to ensure that each area dries thoroughly so that wood rot is not promoted. Conversely, a pressure washer can be used as a way to more effectively clean a deck.  
This is particularly true when cleaning a large deck with substantial surface area. A pressure washer will blast away dirt and mildew and rinse the deck at the same time.  
Homeowners should exercise caution and not use a pressure washer that exceeds 800 to 1000 psi. Pressure greater than this can actually cause damage to the decking surface. 
Avoid Pressure Washing One Particular Deck Location 
As with other methods of cleaning, those using a pressure washer should wear protective gear that includes safety goggles and even the right type of footwear. 
It is important to avoid holding the pressure washer nozzle to close to the wood surface. Spraying 6 inches or more away from the deck surface will help to avoid any potential damage.  
Equally important is to avoid pressure washing one particular location for too long. This may also cause damage to the decking surface.  
If applying a stain or finish it is important to wait several days after pressure washing the deck.