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TrustDALE Welcomes Stone Cre8tions of Atlanta


Have you ever thought about adding natural stone to your home or business, but then balked at the high cost and extensive retrofitting required?

There’s nothing like the look of natural stone. Whether you are looking for broad flagstone, a tight limestone, or anything in between, stone is a classic and popular building material. Unfortunately, stone can be an expensive choice. One of the issues with stone is its weight. Due to the weight of stone, a homeowner who wants to install stone to an existing home may run into some problems.

If you are installing stone over an existing wall, you may need to remove whatever is on the wall now. That is especially true of heavy wall coverings like brick. And even with the brick removed, many walls will need reinforcement to support the weight of stone.

If you want to install stone in areas that always support a lot of weight, you may just be out of luck. Arches, columns, and ceilings are especially difficult to cover in stone.

But there is a solution!

Stone Cre8tions of Atlanta uses a proprietary technique first developed in Europe. Instead of installing large and heavy stones, they use crushed limestone. The crushed limestone is mixed with hydrated limestone and other ingredients and then sprayed onto any surface. The mixture can be sprayed onto brick, wood, sheetrock, cinder block, and many other common building surfaces. The spray is thin and light enough that no retrofitting or extra support is needed. But it is real stone, with all the benefits and natural look.

Once the sprayed limestone mixture is applied, the artists and master craftsmen of Stone Cre8tions have 8 hours to carve the mixture into the shape of any stone you can imagine. The stone is hand carved and then pigmented by Stone Cre8tion’s fine artists to create the look of any type of stone you choose.

It’s real stone!

Because the stone installed by Stone Cre8tions is real limestone, it has a great number of features:

Vapour Permeability - Because Cre8 Walls is a vapour permeable product, you don’t have to worry about moisture in the wall substrate.

Elasticity - Cre8 Walls allows minor movement of the substrate, which helps minimize shrinkage and cracking of your new stone surface.

Breathability - The permeability of Cre8 Walls means that the walls can “breath”. That means that there is no moisture in the wall, which gives it excellent insulation properties.

Eco-Friendly - The free lime in Cre8 Walls actually absorbs carbon dioxide from the air as it carbonates over time. This mean that your walls, patios, pool decks, or other surfaces act as air purifiers almost like plants do.

Alkalinity - The limestone in Cre8 Walls maintains a permanent alkalinity. This makes it a hostile environment for moss, mildew, and other growths that can affect the appearance and longevity of other building materials.

Autogenous Healing - The free lime in the Cre8 Walls product is always reacting with the carbonic acid in the air. This makes it possible to actually self-heal moderate damage and cracks.

Long Lasting Pigmentation - Limestone continually absorbs CO2. We use this property to ensure that their pigments are deeply absorbed into the stone and will never fade.

If you’ve ever considered installing stone in your home or business, either for the exterior or interior, Stone Cre8tions of Atlanta is a great place to start. They also do patios, pool decks, retaining walls, or almost any other surface.

TrustDALE is proud to add Stone Cre8tions of Atlanta as one of our newest certified businesses. Dale trusts Stone Cre8tions of Atlanta and so can you!