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TrustDALE Investigates: House of Horrors


Gaila Canada was excited when she and her mother moved into their new 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house. It seemed like a dream come true. But that dream very quickly turned into a nightmare as the house they thought was a deal turned into a house of horrors.

Trouble from the Get-Go

Just one week after purchasing the home, Gaila was inundated with sewage. Her septic tank had backed up and spilled into her kitchen and bathroom. It was a smelly, awful mess. Nothing like the dream house she thought she had purchased. But the worst was yet to come.

Gaila had a technician come to her house right away to deal with the sewage backup. What he found, though, was even worse. Mold had spread throughout Gaila’s basement, and there were white spots on her shoes and clothes. Black mold was also clearly present on the walls. Much of the damage was so bad that items couldn’t be salvaged. And the smell was overpowering.

A Flip That Flopped

Gaila called TrustDALE, and we went to work tracking down the contractor who built her house. His name is Erick Louisius, and his company is The Pierre Luoisius Group, LLC. They claim to be a leader in residential and commercial real estate development and investment. But in the case of Gaila’s house, all they did was a quick flip. In the name of profit, they cut corners and oversold the house.

We brought out the state health inspector who oversees permitting septic systems to take a look at Gaila’s system. What he found was disturbing. Although the house was sold as a five-bedroom home, the septic system was far too small for five bedrooms. It looks like Mr. Luoisius had updated the home without making any updates to the septic system, which was now against building codes.

As for the mold, the cause becomes clear when you see the before and after pictures of Gaila’s home. This is what it looked like when Gaila bought it:

House of Horrors After

But this is what it looked like when Mr. Louisius bought it:

House of Horrors Before

The house Mr. Louisius bought was, in his own words, a rat hole. It was open to the elements and completely disgusting inside. But instead of remediating the mold, Mr. Louisius just painted over it.

Fixing the Home

Mr. Louisius felt absolutely no remorse for his sloppy flip and dishonest sales tactics. In fact, he bragged about turning a rat hole into a dream home. He even asked us to share his name so people would know what a great developer he is. So we took his advice and shared his name, along with the truth about his business practices.

Although Mr. Louisius was unwilling to make any repairs, we didn’t want to leave Gaila and her mother in their current situation. So we brought in some of our own experts to make it right. 

First, we brought out a technician from Septic Blue to clean out her septic system. It was a messy, smelly job. But when the technician was done, he assured us that the septic tank was ready to use with no residual problems.

Next, we brought in Mold Stoppers to remediate the mold issue in the home. They wiped down the walls in the home, filtered the air, and completely rid the basement of mold. And best of all, Mold Stoppers went the extra mile by remediating Gaila’s home at no charge.

TrustDALE Is Here for You

We’re unimpressed, to say the least, with how Erick Louisius and The Pierre Louisius Group, LLC dealt with their shoddy workmanship. But we’re glad Gaila called us. We’re here for everyday folks like Gaila and her mom to help Make it Right. Usually, we are able to work with a renegade company or contractor to get the desired outcome. But sometimes it takes a little more.

If you have a problem with a company or contractor who is unwilling to make it right, contact us. We’re here you.