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TrustDALE at Kennesaw State University!


March 6, 2015

Recently Dale Cardwell, along with AJC Reporter TrustDALE at Kennesaw State University!Dan Klepal, had the opportunity to speak to 25 students in Kennesaw State University’s investigative reporting class, taught by Tenisha Taylor Bell, president and CEO of Perfect Pitch Media Group. The students enjoyed learning from Dale’s years of experience in the media industry.


TrustDALE at Kennesaw State University!TrustDALE at Kennesaw State University!

Want to know more about Dale’s investigative background? Here’s a brief glimpse:

Dale graduated from Western Kentucky University with  a double major in journalism and political science and went  to work as a television reporter for WKAG in Hopkinsville, Ken.

His aptitude for investigative journalism proved itself when he obtained an audio tape sent from a serviceman who later died in the crash of an army-chartered jet in route to the United States from Gander, Newfoundland in December of 1986, which killed all 248 aboard. The tape, mailed to the serviceman’s fiancé days before the flight, told her of the service men and women’s fear of flying on what he referred to as the “rickety-old” army-chartered transportation. Dale’s story was aired on every national network and led to hearings in Washington and a thorough vetting of the military’s aviation transport policy.

From there, his investigative journalism career led him to WBMG in Birmingham, Ala., WRAL in Raleigh, N.C., WSMV in Nashville, Tenn. and an 11-year stint as a consumer reporter and investigative journalist with WSB in Atlanta. His desire to help provide consumers with solutions prompted him to start TrustDALE in 2009.