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Top Tips to Update Your Bathroom


A great bathroom is something special. It adds an upscale touch to  home. When we find ourselves in a beautiful bathroom, it's easy to feel calm, happy, and even a little bit fancy. But if you’re planning to add or remodel a bathroom, you may be overwhelmed by the choices. Bathroom renovation magazines and websites are full of stunning designs that each look as lovely as the last. So which one is right for you?

Many considerations go into creating a bathroom that will bring you joy and fit your home. And reviving a tired bathroom doesn’t always require a total overhaul, either. Updated fixtures, refreshed cabinets, smart storage solutions, and decorative accents can add character and style to your bathroom, while not breaking your budget. Using a trusted professional can ensure that your whole process goes smoothly. Keep reading to get prepared for a successful bathroom upgrade, remodel, or addition. 

Start with a budget

Think of your bathroom remodel as an investment in your property and yourself. Home and bathroom remodeling can cost as much as you choose. But without a solid budget, costs can easily spiral. The solution is to research local bathroom costs by reaching out to several companies for quotes. Then you can set a realistic budget. Just be sure to stick to it! 

To create your budget, consider a few things: 

  • Do you plan to sell your home within a few years?
  • Will you be adding or moving plumbing lines?
  • What can you afford to invest?

While the main focus of a bathroom model should be for your enjoyment and not necessarily for selling your home, bathroom remodels do tend to recoup a healthy portion of their cost. In 2018, the average bathroom remodel had a 70% return rate

Choose the type of bathroom

Bathrooms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts. Typically you won't be changing the type of bathroom when you remodel. However, it's a good idea to at least look at all your options before you make a final decision. Thinking outside the box can have great payoffs. For example, a cramped half bath could be transformed into a luxurious master suite just by borrowing some space from a walk-in closet, hallway, or bedroom.

Standard Bathroom

A standard bathroom, also known as a full bath, is one that has a sink, toilet, and a bath, shower, or both. Some older homes were designed with just one full bathroom. 

Master en-suite

Master en-suites have the same basic features as a standard bath, but are accessed via the master bedroom. Homeowners remodeling or adding a master suite often go for a luxurious spa-like vibe. Think skylights, a soaking tub, and separate steam shower. A properly designed master suite can be a real draw especially if you put your home on the market. Additionally, a master suite can be added on to a home if one doesn't already exist. That can add a lot of function and value to a family home. 

Half bath

A half bath, also known as a powder room, is a small bathroom space that has only a sink/vanity and a toilet. If you live in an older home that has only one full bath, adding a half bath can increase value and usability. One of the best things about a half bath is that it doesn't require a big footprint. You can fit a half bath in the tightest of spots, including closets and unused corners. Adding a half bath can be an easy way to boost the value of your home as well as make your life easier. 

Wet bathroom

A wet bath is a type of full bathroom where the shower isn't in a separate cubicle or behind a curtain. Wet baths are completely waterproofed, including the floor, cabinets, and walls. This style of bathroom is very popular outside the U.S. Wet bathrooms can look sleek and are also quite practical. Because they are fully waterproofed, you don't have to give a second thought to water splashing on the floor or walls. It makes cleaning a breeze!

Another advantage of wet baths is that they make efficient use of space. If you are remodeling or adding a bathroom to your home, square footage can be precious, and a wet bath approach lets you fit more into a smaller room because you don't have to devote space to a shower frame or stall. Wet baths tend to cost a bit more, but they are an excellent investment and the most durable way to build a bathroom.

Bathroom updates

Replace outdated lighting

With the wide range of modern and contemporary bathroom lighting styles, you can easily find something that will fit your budget and aesthetic. Lighting is something that a lot of people forget about when designing a new bathroom, but you'll instantly recognize bad bathroom lighting when you see it. It can completely destroy the look and utility of the space! Replace your dated light fixtures with something that is new and dramatic, like chandeliers or pendant lights. Avoid yellow bulbs and cold or fluorescent lighting. Natural or simulated natural light in bathrooms is always the best option.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is so popular because it makes a bathroom instantly feel brighter and airier. If possible, try to incorporate plenty of windows or even a skylight into your design. If the design of your home isn't conducive to a traditional skylight, you might still be able to use a tubular skylight.

Having a natural lighting scheme near the mirror is preferable because it gives true representations of color and skin tone. If your bathroom design has one or more windows, you may want to put your mirror and vanity lighting in a position where the user would be facing the window. This allows you to take advantage of sunlight during the day and vanity lighting after dark. 

Artificial lighting

Of course, no matter how good your natural lighting is, you'll always need an equally good artificial lighting plan for nighttime and cloudy days.Thinking in terms of layers is a good start. Recessed LEDs on a dimmer switch can provide ambient light, but remember that overhead light can cast shadows on the face, which is unflattering. That’s why you should layer in soft lighting at head-level at the vanity. Some modern vanities already have built-in lighting that provides pure, broad-spectrum light to give your skin a natural appearance. Avoid harsh light sources and bare bulbs.

Don't forget to provide adequate lighting in the shower area or spot lighting if you like to read in the bathtub. You can even place indirect lighting strips in the tile work in the shower to provide a splash of mood lighting to the niche.

Durable bathroom materials

Bathrooms endure a lot of wear every day, more than many other spaces in your home. They need to be able to cope with big temperature swings, humidity changes, and direct water exposure. Bathrooms also need to be easy to clean, withstand harsh chemicals, and look attractive. All at once!

When you set your remodel budget, you certainly gave thought to  where to save and where to spend money on high-quality materials. Cutting costs on low quality materials can end up costing you much more in the long run as they'll need replacing sooner.. 

Higher quality, durable bathroom materials will look better for much longer, and some will last the lifetime of your home. 

To get the most out of your materials, be sure to specify high-quality, non-porous tile in your design. Porcelain is always a good choice. Avoid cheap particle-board cabinets, and opt for solid wood trim over MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Most porcelain sinks and cast-iron tubs will hold up well, but avoid cheap fiberglass or acrylic surfaces. Always invest in high-quality plumbing fixtures with solid brass mixing valves. This expense is worth it, as they will last a lifetime, whereas cheap plastic fixtures will likely fail within a few short years.

Update your fixtures

Aside from major remodeling, there are also very cheap and simple ways to update your bathroom. One of these is to replace the fixtures. New faucets and a more modern shower head can easily change the look and feel of a bathroom, giving it a visual lift. It’s a simple and cost effective way to make some improvements to your bathroom without knocking down walls.

Wall-mounted features

Wall-mounted toilets, cabinets, and washbasins look sleek, modern, and open up floor space. This allows you to add extra storage or have a more open bathroom. This is a higher budget, luxury touch that can make a dramatic difference in how your bathroom looks and feels. 

Level up your vanity

A stylish way to save on expensive cabinetry is by turning an existing piece of furniture into a vanity. If you have an old chest of drawers or a vintage table, you can easily turn it into a stylish vanity for your bathroom. Just be sure that the piece’s dimensions will work for your space, and that it will give you enough basin, counter space, and drawers or cabinets for your needs.

Update your accents

Little things can make all the difference, especially in a smaller space like a bathroom. You can create a harmonious color palette by matching your cabinet doors to your feature tiles and decorative accents. Carefully choose some accessories to give the space a unique and welcome feel. 

Refresh your shower curtain

If you have a bathroom that requires a shower curtain, take good care when making your purchase. Shower curtains can consume a large area of the bathroom visually and can be the perfect item to add some style, color, or pattern to your décor.

Frame the mirror

Mirrors can make a big difference in any room. In the bathroom, mirrors need to be highly functional as well as fit within the overall design scheme. Consider updating your mirror by adding a frame around it to give a unique or more ornate look and style.

Are you ready to remodel?

A bathroom remodel can be an exciting opportunity to upgrade spaces that will get a lot of use in your home. It’s a fun project that requires you to think carefully about what you and your family really need and want. An 

experienced professional

 can make all the difference in guiding you through this process. And when you use a TrustDALE certified professional, you're always protected by Dale's trademark $10,000 Make-It-Right Guarantee.