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Tips On Reducing Water Usage Around The Outside Of Your Home


Saving water can come in many forms and can include the inside of the home as well as the outside. That said here are several easy water conservation tips that every homeowner should consider as a way to save water, time and money. For example, always check for any leaks in hose connections, garden taps and even sprinkler valves. Anytime a leak is detected it is important to fix the leak as quickly as possible.

When Watering Outdoors

In addition, when watering outdoors it is best to water in the evening hours or early morning. This will help to prevent evaporation due to heat that is prevalent during the daytime. As with heat, wind can also quickly evaporate water. That is why it is important to avoid watering gardens, your lawn or any other areas outdoors when it is anticipated to be windy. When watering outdoors it is best to water in a slow and methodical way. This actually helps to reduce the amount of water that is used by allowing you to water less frequently. This in turn results in plants developing deep roots.

Water Evaporating Into The Atmosphere

Equally effective when watering is to always water close to the roots of plants. This helps to ensure that water is not wasted due to evaporation. There is little point in watering the leaves of a plant because this ultimately results in water evaporating into the atmosphere. Careful and slow methodically planned watering can save thousands of gallons of water each and every year for a typical residential home. Never underestimate the power of following simple water conservation tips when watering outdoors.

Soaked And Soaped

Equally important is to avoid allowing water to run continuously and unnecessarily. For example, when washing an automobile it is best to hose down the car completely and then turn off the water. Once the automobile has been thoroughly soaked and soaped, then the water can be turned back on to resume cleaning process. While most garden hoses are equipped with a trigger handle nozzle, some people surprisingly actually just allow the water to run continuously while washing an automobile. Always avoid this practice as a way to save this important natural resource as well as hard-earned money.

Water Hose

Finally, when watering plants it is a good idea to use rinse water from inside the house to water plants that are around the outside of your home. This is an excellent way to recycle and repurpose perfectly good water that would otherwise go wasted. As an added note, when cleaning a driveway or sidewalk around your home it is best to use a broom as opposed to using a water hose. Consider these simple and effective ways of conserving water around the outside of your home to save money, time and natural resources. Turn to and AllGood Plumbing the next time you require any type of plumbing related repair for your home. Click here to visit AllGood Plumbing on today!