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Tips On Protecting Your Legal Rights After A Car Accident


Automobile accidents happen each and every day across the country. That is why it is so important to understand how to protect a typical legal claim after some type of automobile accident. Whether or not injuries are involved, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure that a legal claim has the best chance possible of succeeding. Perhaps the first step in maximizing the chances of a successful recovery after a car accident is to never settle early directly with insurance adjusters.

Always Involve The Police

Always seek out the professional legal advice and help of a local attorney. Personal injury attorneys with years of experience can help those involved in some type of accident gain a fair and equitable recovery. One first step that must be taken is to always involve the police after that has been an accident. Call the police right away as a way to make record of the event. In short, a police report helps to establish the facts of the accident so that legal remedy can be sought.

Statute Of Limitations

A police report is also instrumental in helping to determine who was at fault in a particular accident. Working with a local attorney is important as a way to ensure that mistakes and errors are not made following an automobile accident. Considerations such as the statute of limitations and other limiting factors must all be taken into account. It is key to note that retaining an attorney ensures that you will be properly represented when demanding compensation from an insurance company.

Visiting A Doctor

In addition, it is important to seek out medical attention immediately following any type of car accident. Even if there is no visible signs of injury there may be injury that will become apparent at a later time. Soft tissue injuries are often deceptive and will not appear or become obvious until later down the road. Visiting a doctor or a hospital also documents any injuries as well as any treatment that is required. Those who have been injured or suspect that they may be injured should never miss a doctor’s appointment and keep accurate records of any medical treatment received.

Adjusters Are Trained To Ask Key Questions

Finally, it is essential to always avoid making a recorded statement with any insurance company when a lawyer is not present. An attorney can help an injury victim prepare a recorded statement for an insurance company. This will help to present all the facts of the accident and ensure that the legal claim is never put into jeopardy. It is a long known fact that insurance adjusters are trained to ask key questions that may actually damage a personal injury case. Those who have been injured through no fault of their own are entitled under law to receive financial compensation in order to cover medical expenses.

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