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Tips For Extending The Life Of Home Appliances


Everyone knows that replacing home appliances can be very expensive and that is why it is important to extend the life of these products as much as possible.  
That said there are a number of easy and simple tips that should be considered when it comes to preserving or extending the life of a typical home appliance.  
For example, keeping a refrigerator and freezer as clean as possible can generally increase the useful life of these valued appliances. It is a proven fact that clean appliances operate better and last longer. 

Unplug The Appliance 

In addition to the inside of a refrigerator it is equally important to clean the outside. This includes making sure that the condenser coils are always clean and free of debris.  
When cleaning a freezer it is always a good idea to unplug the appliance and remove all food. Wipe down the interior of the freezer with a baking soda solution and use clean water to rinse.  
Thoroughly dry the freezer prior to plugging it back into an outlet. 
Cleaned At Regular Intervals 
As with cleaning the refrigerator and freezer it is also important to defrost a freezer regularly.  
While many newer freezes do not require defrosting there are a number of older models and even more recent models that do require regular defrosting. Defrosting should be performed at least once every year.  
This is especially true if frost becomes more than an inch thick. As with a refrigerator and freezer, a kitchen range should be cleaned at regular intervals too.  
Clean your range by removing food debris and other items such as stuck-on food using a commercially available cleaning solution. Many ranges have an automatic cleaning function that can be used as well. 

Filters Should All Be Changed Regularly 

As with everything else in a modern home it is important to replace filters at regular intervals.  
Whether replacing the filter for an air conditioner or replacing the filter on an oven or refrigerator, regularly changing filters can easily extend the life of appliances.  
Dishwashers, refrigerators and water dispensers on a refrigerator that have filters should all be changed regularly.  
Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines when changing filters as a way to prevent damage or injury.  
Changing filters is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to keep appliances in good operating condition. 

Gunky Buildup 

In addition, when running a dishwasher never use hand soap.  
Only use approved dishwasher type detergent to ensure that your dishwasher does not become clogged.  
The wrong type of detergent can cause a dishwasher to develop a gunky buildup. This may require professional cleaning or may require that the dishwasher be replaced completely.  
Either way, saving money over the long term can be as simple as choosing the right type of cleaning solutions and soap products.  
Follow the simple yet important tips as a way to keep appliances working great for many years.