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TrustDALE Guarantees an Honest Price


We know that consumers are always looking for the best price. It makes sense to compare prices across different service providers to decide which one you want to hire. But before you automatically pick the lowest price, we have a few tips you might want to consider.

What’s Behind a Low Price?

Our goal at TrustDALE is to keep you away from scammers and help ensure that every business you work with is honest and the real deal. We’ve given out lots of tips over the years about how to recognize a scam before you fall for it. One major warning sign of a scam is a price quote that is much lower than the competition.

Scammers know that low prices get your attention, and they use that to draw you in. Remember, if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. There are two techniques that scammers use to separate you from your money after offering an amazingly low bid.

First, a scammer may quote you a low price, ask for payment upfront, and just disappear with your money. That’s why we recommend that you never pay for a service upfront. Instead, wait until the business has done at least part of the work. For instance, don’t pay a contractor until the materials for the job have been delivered. If you’ve given a business your money without getting anything in return, they have nothing to lose by disappearing.

The second scam is a little less crude but just as problematic. A dishonest business may draw you in with an offer that beats all the competition. But once you’ve started to work with them, they begin to add new charges that were not disclosed upfront. This is a classic bait-and-switch scam. You started with a low payment, but as more and more new charges are added, you end up paying much more for the service than you expected. You could have saved money by agreeing to a higher bid that stayed the same and didn’t have any add-ons.

The TrustDALE Price Guarantee

Part of the TrustDALE 7-Point Investigative Review Process is our price guarantee. When we review a business, we confirm their pricing with a combination of email, phone, and secret shoppers. What we look for is an honest price that matches the initial quote and has no surprises. We also look for value. But value doesn’t always mean the lowest price.

In life, you often get what you pay for. If a business is offering low prices along with poor service and low-quality products, we won’t certify them. Instead, we look for a balance between price, service, and quality. That’s what we call value. Businesses in the TrustDALE Circle of Excellence offer competitive prices that reflect the quality of their products and services. The price quote you get is the actual amount you will pay. It may not be the lowest quote, but it is the best value for your hard-earned money.

So don’t be suckered in by unrealistically low prices. Instead, work with TrustDALE certified businesses to get the maximum bang for your buck!