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Where to Find Superior Plumbing Services in Atlanta


Keeping your house running smoothly is necessary for any Atlanta resident. With the hustle and bustle of the city, if things go south, they need to be fixed quickly and responsibly, so you can get back to the things that matter the most.

Of all the plumbing problems at your home, a clogged toilet is ranked number one. Probably ranked number one in annoyance as well. Although a clogged toilet can be easily diagnosed and repaired by an experienced plumber, sometimes just a backed up pipe isn't the problem.

Finding a reputable business that caters to whatever the issue, is just as aggravating as finding out you might need a new water heater.

But, we have just the solution.

Discover Superior Plumbing in Atlanta

Founded in 1988, for Superior - value means rendering high quality service with integrity, in a professional manner, at a fair price.

Superior Plumbing offers maintenance on anything from minor repairs and leaks to installations, believing in craftsmanship that will last. Their continuously trained technicians can fix any plumbing, sewer, water heater or water line problem thrown at them. Aside from being screened for honest character, licensed and drug-tested, Superior Plumbing technicians are insured professionals that are available 24/7, ready to provide your service with the highest quality skills.

At Superior Plumbing in Atlanta, they believe in building strong, enduring relationships with their employees to be able to work together to serve their customers. Delivering value to the customer is so important to Superior Plumbing, their mission is to give something back to the community in appreciation for support in their business.

Most Common Plumbing Issues Atlanta Residents Face

With the toilet being the number one culprit for your plumbing issues, a lot actually goes into diagnosing the problem. It could be your drain or sewer lines backing up, creating a minor or major job.

At Superior Plumbing, technicians use the latest technology to diagnose, repair or replace malfunctioning drain or sewer lines. Technicians use products that are safe for all types of plumbing, and can remove years of built-up debris that slow the drainage in your pipes, keeping your drains flowing smoothly.

Video sewer inspection can be used to view and diagnose the cause of a blocked sewer line. There is a flexible fiber-optic video camera threaded through the sewer line that can show the cause of the blockage. Improper installation, construction debris, tree roots, pipes that have settled, been crushed, punctured or become disjointed could be the cause of the congestion.  

The Importance of Debris Free Pipes

To keep your pipes clear of waste that could potentially damage or obstruct them, Superior Plumbing offers a drain cleaning service, with eight different types of cleaning solutions, three of which are bio-friendly. Technicians conduct a complete inspection to be able to distinguish what kind of cleaning solution use. The four common cleaning solutions break down different debris that could be blocking your pipes:

Drain Cleaning Caustic Liquids and Solids-

Are used to dissolve grease and hair clogs. Containing bleach or lye, caustic liquids create a gas that turns to a foam in order to coat the walls of the pipes to remove whatever substance that is forming the clog.

Drain Cleaning Enzymatic Cleaners-

Contains a bacteria culture that erode organic material on your pipes that cause the slow drainage.

Drain Cleaning Acid Liquids-

This type of cleaner contains sulfuric acid and can be very hazardous if misused. These acidic cleaners are often the only products that will effectively dissolve paper, rags and sanitary napkins.

These drain cleaners are safe to use for your toilets, garbage disposals, water pipes and also bathtubs.

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