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Why Summertime Is The Right Time For Dog Grooming


Summertime is dog grooming time!  

Summer is a time for all kinds of outdoor fun, from hiking and picnics to swimming and watersports. You may already be working on your tan, but have you thought about what your dog needs for the summer? 

It’s always important to keep your dog well groomed, but the warm weather and extra outdoor activities of summer make a proper grooming especially important. 

The experts at Dogma Dog Care can get your dog it tip-top shape for the summer, so your dog is happy, healthy, clean, and prepped fall all your summer fun. 

A Proper Doggy Haircut 

The right hair treatment for your dog does more than just keep him or her cool. Of course, we all want our best friends to beat the heat, but experts warn against shaving down your dog.  

Whether your dog’s coat is naturally thin or thick and fluffy, as long as it is properly cared for it provides just the right climate-control. You dog’s hair also protects it from sunburn as well as the small twigs and needles that rub off of plants onto your dog. 

Instead, let the groomers at Dogma Dog Care wash and brush your dog’s hair, so that it’s naturally thinned out and perfect for the summer heat. They can also provide the right haircut for your breed, taking care of extra shag while keeping your dog’s important protective cover. 

Keep Off Ticks, Fleas, and Other Pests 

Summer is high time for ticks, fleas and other pests. Ticks can carry diseases, while fleas are happy to take up residence on your pet (and in your home). A good brushing with the right kind of brush goes a long way toward keeping these nasty pests away. 

Your dog’s ears are also important to consider, especially if your dog is a swimmer. Water in your pet’s ear can lead to infections if you’re not careful to keep them dry and well groomed. The groomers at Dogma Dog Care will make sure that your dog’s ears are clean and healthy. 

The Advantages of Professional Dog Grooming 

Have you ever tried giving your dog a bath at home, only to be left with a huge mess of towels, hair, and doggy dirt all over your bathroom? Maybe it’s time to talk to Tina at Dogma Dog Care. 

Tina is Dogma Dog Care’s senior groomer. She has been a professional pet groomer for over 29 years and she holds a certificate in All Breed Pet Grooming from the New York School of Dog Grooming. 

Under Tina’s watchful eye, Dogma’s groomers will give your dog an excellent cleaning. They can even do your dog’s ears, nails, and other specialty services. 

If you prefer to do it yourself, Dogma Dog Care offers a do-it-yourself bath package, so you can clean your dog, but leave the mess to them. They’ll provide the towels, shampoo of your choice, conditioner, nail clippers, toothbrush and paste, curry brush, slicker wire brush, and shedding comb. And of course, when you’re done you’ll have a clean dog with no mess to worry about! 

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